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  1. MahnaMahna

    Obsessive Forum Behavior 101

    Please note who is listed as last posting in the top threads for this forum. But thank god we have these forum moderators, it is a thankless job, but somebody has got to do it.
  2. MahnaMahna

    SALE or TRADE: 5x10 Gold Crown III Converted Snooker to Pool Table

    I have LOTS more pictures, just PM me. 10ft x 5ft Brunswick Gold Crown III (Converted Snooker) Pool Table, in good condition. Model AK. We believe this table was from the 70's. This was a snooker table the "bends" have been cut off and slightly shimmed. Table plays great, great practice table...
  3. MahnaMahna

    The Beard's Book

    Met up with a friend Saturday who just got The Encyclopedia Of Pool Hustlers and he let me borrow it. I flew from California to Florida yesterday for a work conference, I figured it would be good reading during the long flight. So here I am in a $350 a night resort hotel, free booze and...
  4. MahnaMahna

    WA- Federal Way/SeaTac Area

    I am in Washington tonight, if anyone wants to meet up to shoot a few games shoot me a PM. Any suggestions on local halls or tournaments would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  5. MahnaMahna

    AZ removed Player Profile pictures?

    On the AZ home page, when you clicked on a players name and got to the page showing their tournament winnings for this year and years past, there was a camera icon you could click on to see pictures of the player. This is now gone, was wondering why? Too many internet detectives knocking...
  6. MahnaMahna

    Southwest Airline Ticket for Cue/Equipment

  7. MahnaMahna

    URGENT WTB: OB2 for a Schon

    I am looking to buy an OB2 shaft for my Schon cue. I would like to make the purchase by tomorrow, but wanted to give you guys first shot over the AZ marketplace (Seyberts). Right now with free shipping and a Kamui Black super soft tip installed, I will be paying $231.45. I am looking to pay...
  8. MahnaMahna

    Sub Forum for Sub Forums?

    Should we create a Sub Forum section for all of the Sub Forums being suggested? Yes or no. Thank you.
  9. MahnaMahna

    Table Mechanic in Nor Cal

    Have a Gold Crown 3 5x10 model AK. Was a snooker table, the last owner cut off the round parts of the rail pocket openings, so now the pocket openings are like a "V". I measured the castings, the openings are 4 inches even. I want this table to play REALLY tough, so what I am looking for is...
  10. MahnaMahna

    Mike Davis

    I remember reading an article about him in some pool mag a while back, said he just drives around the country going from tournament to tournament. According to AZ, he made $41K LY and $36K in 2007 from tournament winnings. Seems like I don't hear his name come up in action matches much. Does...
  11. MahnaMahna

    Who is "Super Stroke"?? From the 90's....

    So I have the Accu-Stats video of Jimmy Mataya vs. Steve Mizerak at the Rack-Em-Up Classic #5 9ball tournament from 1992. During the match you see a guy sitting in the first row watching the match. I first got this video and a couple more about 3 or 4 years ago, and heard one of the announcers...