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    Shreveport Pool Scene

    My job is sending me to Shreveport again for a couple weeks, and I got a few good responses last time I was sent there, and I posted here asking about where to play. I am hearing that Bill Schick's has closed, as well as Secret's, but Side Pockets is still going strong. Any other places...
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    10 ball push out in NAPA

    A question came up the other night in a game of 10 ball (NAPA rules) about the push out. Player A broke dry, Player B then wanted to know if he could hit another ball besides the one ball, and have it still be a legal push. Much discussion followed. Here is the rule as per the current NAPA...
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    Turning Stone Reopening

    Got some emails from them that the Turning Stone Casino and Resort is reopening on June 10th. It's limited reopening, no concerts and not all the restaurants, but the casino and a bunch of their other shops and eateries are reopening. Right now they have a limited, "local only" policy that...
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    Louisiana Casinos to Open On The 18th

    Just got a few emails today that the casinos in Bosier are going to open on the 18th. I'm sure there will be lots of new rules and limits for table games, and lots of spacing between the slots, but the ball is starting to roll again. Gotta figure that pool halls and other such places won't...
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    Cue Extensions

    Another observation from my visit to watch the Turning Stone tournament this weekend. A lot of players were using cue extensions. Shane had one on the bottom of his shooting cue. He seemed to take it off when he jumped, but put it back on after the jump shot. Jason Shaw had one on his...
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    Inspection of the Rack

    I was at Turning Stone this past Saturday and watched some fantastic pool. I now have a few questions resulting from some things observed there. Just about every player walked over and inspected the rack prior to breaking. Most often they seemed to be looking at the front part of the rack...
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    A Game Of Pool

    Just a head-up..... The Twilight Zone episode called “A Game Of Pool” will air tonight at 11:00pm eastern on Sci-Fi network. They’re doing their Twilight Zone marathon and this is one of my favorites. Maybe some others would like it too.
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    Cool Bar Box

    While out and about one weekend, we stopped at a local place for some lunch and found this table in there. It wasn’t in the best shape, and needed new felt and probably cushions too, but I thought it was a pretty cool frame. Anyone ever see one like this?
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    Shreveport, LA

    My job is sending me to Shreveport for a few weeks. I looked and found a few places where I could play on Google Maps, but I'm wondering if anyone here might have some input on where to go or maybe what nights might be better at said places. Thanks in advance for any advice.