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  1. ccn7

    5 cues for $1200.00

    1. matching set : play cue w/2 shafts,1 shafts is purple heart lots of purple heart. jump/brk purple heart shaft G-10 pin cue made by Brent Hartman of BHQ. 2. 60" BY Gene of Crown cues 3. 60" made by gene with a Kevin Varney Shaft. orginal was donated 4.meucci orginal. totally redone by...
  2. ccn7

    few items for sale

    Selling the following items. 1. Custom BHQ playing cue xtraP/H shaft all made by Brent Hartman $350 2. Custom Matching J/B cue $300 3. Custom Jump cue. by Brent $20 4. Custom playing cue 60' made by Crown cues $350 5. Custom playing cue made by Crown Cues orginal shaft used by BJ and...
  3. ccn7

    FS Zshaft

    Z-shaft 1st gen, blk collar, silver ring, uni-loc less than 10 racks on it. no dings or blueing. 140.00 + shipping and insurance. Not interested in trade. NEED CASH NOW. Thank You, floyd ccn7 tibbetts
  4. ccn7

    FT Pred. Z Shaft

    1st gen Z shaft w/ silver ring, uni-loc, used, but no blueing or dings. Or brand new never chalked maple shaft 3/8-10 pin blk collar w/hercules tip, made by Gene @ crown cues. like to trade either for 3/8-10 no collar shaft, maybe tiger X, or used OB. or 314 w/no collar. Thank you
  5. ccn7

    What did YOU do this time, the WIFE asks:

    Well, i pled innocent. I followed the direction and everything. :cool: Somehow i have managed to turn the white part of my balls red. :eek: [OK open the door fool, let them get at you.] Its ok we need a good laugh every now and then. :grin-square: So anyways on with the problem at hand.( and...
  6. ccn7

    Sending cues to our troops.

    Does anyone have any information on how and where to send some cues to our troops. i have about 15 new barcues, one piece, some arent very straight but the majority of them are OK. Anyways any info to help support the troops would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Floyd (ccn7) Tibbetts
  7. ccn7

    A BIG Thank You to Brent at BHQ

    Just got my Meucci back from Brent at BHQ the pictures can be viewed in the cue gallery section. What can i say, the pictures speak a 1,000 words. He did such an outstanding job of refinishing and repairing my Meucci that i have ordered 2 matching customs a playing cue and a J/B cue for myself...
  8. ccn7

    Sterling Gaming and John Barton

    Recently I have the great pleasure of working with Mr. John Barton of Sterling Gaming, by doing a pool related survey, soon to be made public by John. Some very interesting information came forth, anyways i'll leave that decision up to you when you read it. For my part of the survey John...
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    my cues[/IMG]
  10. ccn7

    Playing while sick.

    I should have just stayed home lastnight.I was feeling terrible but went and played anyways, needless to say it was a disaster.I had no focus and let 2 players beat me, that usually never do.How many of you have done the same thing.I convinced myself i was gona play bad and just talked myself...
  11. ccn7

    Ripley's Beleive It Or Not

    I was just kicking back watching some T.V. today, and get a call from a friend telling me to turn to channel xx.Ripley's Beleive it or Not. He said some guy named Fast Larry was on and doing some trick shots,well i'll tell ya he was impressive and his dog tricks were pretty cool.I know he's not...
  12. ccn7

    Congratulations to girlwon1

    In reference to the reno 8-ball this week end.I had the pleasure of meeting our own girlwon1 and watch this dynamic Lady play. She has one of the most energetic strokes i ever seen. She played while not feeling well at all, and still managed to place top female finisher of the tournment. way to...
  13. ccn7

    The Allison Fisher Story starring Meg Ryan

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    Reno Open Looking good

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    IPT and HOF

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    Reno Open anyone attending

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    name of the game

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    whats your opinion on the use of a sardo rack for the IPT tour

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    new mcdermott line

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    who pay the fees

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