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    SVB vs. Dennis Match 2?

    Anyone can confirm that SVB and Dennis are playing again in a couple weeks? Omega released the full match in 18 parts on YouTube. Some ads in the middle of it say they’re playing again this June? Same game, same rules?
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    Pool Player Podcast - YouTube

    Everyone should check out the pool player podcast channel on YouTube. Joey Ryan is doing an awesome job interviewing so many people from the pool world. Great interviews from Rodney Morris, Alex Pagulayan, Tony Chohan, and Johnny Archer just to name a few. Great insight and road stories.
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    WTB - Cue in that mid-range price point

    After a 2 year hiatus I’m getting back into game shape and want a new cue. Looking to see what’s here on AZ in the $800 - $1k range give or take. Please PM if you have something. Looking at customs but open to anything. Always have been interested in Capone cues but haven’t seen one for sale...
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    Rating Inflation in FargoRate

    So another question/thread about Fargo. I know this is sort of based off of the Elo rating system in chess or what not, but my understanding is that the average chess ratings have been climbing the past few decades. Now this can be the result of an actual better population of players due to...
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    Sneaky Pete Stability

    Question to all the cue makers. So most cues nowadays are cored for stability. True sneaky petes are full spliced from my understanding. Are sneaky petes by design then less stable than the more modern cored designs of normal cues? Curious as I’ve seen sneaky petes from a multitude of makers...
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    Current Schon Cue Master Craftsman?

    So I know Evan Clarke left back in 2015 and Bob Runde was considered the original master craftsman there? So who exactly is in charge of the shop currently? I've been noticing that the design direction of Schon has changed a bit and I am curious if anyone has noticed any playing characteristics...
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    Olive Wood Stability/Issues?

    Hello all, I'm currently trying to order a cue in a plain Jane style cocobolo and olive wood cue. Trying to scour the internet and find pics of this combination is proving difficult with only about 1 example I've found. Is olive wood difficult to work with? I've read olive wood has high...
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    How do you get a rating in Fargorate if you never play tournaments?

    So I know this is another Fargorate question and I've tried my best to research the topic before posting, but I am still confused. I recently just typed my name in to see if I had a rating and was surprised to see I had one. Granted it's just a "starter" rating and I'm pretty sure I have 0 games...
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    WTB: Diveney

    Looking to get a diveney cue. Anyone have one they're trying to move? Let me know.
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    WTB: Lambros

    Anyone have a lambros they're trying to sell? Looking to pick one back up again. Nothing too fancy for me though and I'm trying to keep it under $1600. Let me know.
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    Dennis Orcollo with Meucci?

    Watching the WCS One-Pocket stream and Dennis is wearing a Meucci patch/shirt? New sponsor or do I need my vision checked? If he is with Meucci they have one of the best. Meucci creating one hell of a stable just like the old days.
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    FS: Lambros Sneaky Pete

    Selling a Lambros Sneaky Pete. Bought this from an AZer on here about a year ago and it really just sat in a case in my closet. Letting it go to fund another cue. Great condition and as you all know Mike doesn't make sneaky's anymore. Cue rolls straight and comes with joint protectors. A couple...
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    314-3 Uniloc Thin Black Collar

    Selling my fairly new 314-3 Uniloc Thin Black Collar. Fits the P2/P3, Throne, new Ikon series, Roadlines, and Sports series. Only bought the shaft this past summer and used sparingly. The ferrule may seem dirty only because it seems to hold chalk a little more than past generations. Only selling...
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    Gold Give Aways Stopped?

    This may have been discussed or I may have missed it, but have the gold give aways ended? I joined to support the site, but the raffles were always something to look forward to.
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    LTB: Wrapless Lambros

    Looking to buy a wrapless Lambros. Not trying to be too picky but shaft or shafts must weigh greater than 3.5oz.
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    FS: Mezz EC7 (Cocobolo)

    Hey guys, For sale is my Mezz EC7 in cocobolo. Bought this a little more than two months ago but I think I have a lot of cues and am not shooting as much anymore. This is the straightest cue I have ever owned and has a solid feel. A lot of people have always liked Mezz cues and this is a great...
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    Looking to buy Power One Pocket and Racking Secrets II

    As title says. Looking for DVDs that are at least in okay condition. Thanks
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    FS: Frey Sneaky

    Hey guys, I am selling my Frey Sneaky. It's a pretty new cue that was purchased right from Frey's website in January 2016 and sent to me from az member gkloop (who I understand is Frey's authorized dealer). Selling because I am now fully on the Mezz wagon and want to clean out the case. Specs...
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    FS: 314-2 Uniloc - Thin Collar Shaft

    Hey guys, I am attempting to fully switch over to my new Mezz and want to get rid of a 314-2 shaft I bought a few months back. This shaft was purchased after my old 314 ferrule broke again after it was repaired. I am keeping that old shaft with my P2 as I retire the cue and move to the Mezz...
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    Cues darken with age?

    Hey guys, Do cues tend to darken, and lose their figure in the process, as time sets in? Would the finish help prevent this by sealing the would from oxygen or is it more from UV/sunlight exposure? Unless we're playing outside I do not believe that to be a problem. Any thoughts on how to...