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  1. ghost ball

    Ghost Ball’s Billiard Aptitude Test

    I think this would take me more than one try. Warning. Not in Engrish. Super cool how he bows when he misses.
  2. ghost ball

    Forum View Count Accurate?

    Just wondering if the forum view stat is accurate. Does the funny pic and gif thread really have 20 million views? What’s up with that? Without that thread, I doubt I’d still be here.
  3. ghost ball

    Throwback Thursday 1994, Los Angeles

    Throwback Thursday 1994, Los Angeles
  4. ghost ball


    if they are making cues please tell them to call ghost ball 555 477 7323 Vern Horny and I were friends of Jackie and Larry we spoke in line at cartopia in disneyland a life time ago I want to pay retail (just checking if deano's method is effective)
  5. ghost ball

    I Changed My Own Tip For The First Time

    Busted my tip changing cherry.... Had a couple of moori's laying around with no one to install so I decided to do it myself. I'm happy with the results using only a razor blade, sand paper, last 4 ever tip tool and loctite crazy glue. Just took my time. I just might start playing again....or...
  6. ghost ball

    We Are a Cursed Group, Silver Membership Withdrawn

    Uh oh, we gone done it now...
  7. ghost ball

    Watching Color of Money Right Now

    At the scene where Keith McCready first appears in the eyes of Fast Eddie, then pans over to the right....backwards record back on Keith with close up. Classic.
  8. ghost ball

    Help Tony Chohan Adjust-Changes to Pool in the Last 5 Years

    Let's help T-Rex back into the pool world and list the changes that have occurred in the past 5 years. I'll start, feel free to add.. 1. Chalk prices have gone from 25 cents a cube to 25 dollars. 2. There are two unknown pool players who travel with a mean Russian who are tearing up the...
  9. ghost ball

    US Pool Will Continue to Suffer...

    I did not win the powerball lottery, so no large donation from me to kickstart the US Pool scene. Sorry.
  10. ghost ball

    The Public's Perception on Pool

    Snooker/Billiards up for consideration as an olympic sport. Check out the comments and get an idea of what non pool players think about it....hint, it's not good....
  11. ghost ball

    Which Case Will Hold Its Value? JB or Justis

    Which case will hold its value over time, a JB or Justis? I need a little help to decide which one of these cases that I will sell since I've reduced my cue collection and now only need one case. I have a gut feeling that the answer is Justis. (and please, JB, can you not post in this thread?)
  12. ghost ball

    Pool "Secrets" Found on AZ

    What pool "secrets" have you learned here on AZ? Please list the "secret" and, if known, the source. Hopefully we can build a database of useful knowledge that can be applied to make AZ followers better pool players. I'll start: 1. On thin cuts, use a draw stroke -> Toupee Jay 2. Use...
  13. ghost ball

    TAD Custom Cue by Tad Kohara

    Up for sale, a beautiful and completely restored TAD Custom Cue. Specs: Butt 15.4oz, 28.5" Shaft 3.6oz, 29", 12.5mm at the ivory ferrule Pre-Logo and pre serial number. Original bumper, new Tad layered tip. Notes: Cue was refinished by Fred Kohara around 2011 or 2012 and has been...
  14. ghost ball

    TAD Custom Cue by Tad Kohara

    [ SOLD SOLD SOLD! Specs -18.93 oz total weight -15.32 oz butt -3.61 oz shaft -12.8 mm tip/ferrule (ivory) -29 inch shaft (tip not measured) -28 5/8 inch butt (bumper not measured) -19 inch balance point (measured from end of butt) -58 inches tip to tip -Excellent used condition...
  15. ghost ball

    IF Bonus Ball Takes Over....

    If Bonus Ball is a hit, several things regarding pool halls/equipment MUST change. Please help in listing the changes. I'll start.. 1. Pool halls will have to install new lighting systems so we know what colored ball to hit. 2. Pool will become a three person game, 2 shooters and 1 to keep...
  16. ghost ball

    New Aiming Method New aiming method.
  17. ghost ball

    Billiards Hits the Big Times or On homepage. We hit the big time folks, get ready for the money to pour in..
  18. ghost ball

    For JAM and Keith

    Happy Holidays. Here's what's left of Bob's Billiards....Keith's original home room. Bob's was Vehicle Registration and the Collectible Toys building. Picture was just taken yesterday. Keith, care to share a story that happened at Bob's?
  19. ghost ball

    Question for ICCS Attendees/Collectors

    A question for the serious collectors (ICCS caliber) like Tikkler and ibuycues. In your opinion, do you think the cue collecting hobby is growing, shrinking or roughly the same over the years? What do you project in the next ten years? 20 years? Thanks.
  20. ghost ball

    Items Not Found in the For Sale Forum

    Items not found in the For Sale Forum: 1. Used pool gloves. 2. Pool lessons. 3. A bad hitting cue. 4. Inexpensive Ginacues. 5. Sugartree cue #231 6. Pocket enlargers. 7. Custom one off bridges. 8. Billiards magazine subscriptions. 9. Charlie Williams autographed cue ball. 10. ...