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  1. rexus31

    Dynashperes Titanium and Rhodium Sets

    Has anyone seen or purchased these? I stumbled upon these on eBay. I'm liking them. Titanium: Rhodium:
  2. rexus31

    Predator Pool Table?

    This should be interesting...
  3. rexus31

    Gold Crown I Ball Return System

    I'm looking for a ball return system (tracks and ball box) for a 9' Gold Crown I.
  4. rexus31

    WTB - Pearce Simpson Tru-Line Double Circle Pool Balls

    I'm looking for a set of Pearce Simpson Tru-Line Double Circle Pool Balls. PM me if you have a set for sale or know of a set for sale. Thanks!
  5. rexus31

    Tiger Products Le Manifik Tip Shaper and Scuffer

    Like new, only used a few times. $20 Shipped CONUS [
  6. rexus31

    502 Bad Gateway

    Is anyone else getting this message when clicking on a thread?
  7. rexus31

    Gold Crown Barn Find: The Blue Table and Custom Light

    It's been a long several months but all the projects are finally done! Here's the final result. Fully restored Gold Crown I finished in Brunswick Blue and White, subrails extended and calibrated, Diamond Black rubber, 4.125" Corners, 4.875" sides, Simonis 860HR. Matching custom built Gold...
  8. rexus31

    APA Nationals Cancelled/Postponed
  9. rexus31

    Brunswick Gold Crown Cue Rack Restoration

    I've been on the hunt for a Gold Crown Cue Rack to accompany my freshly restored Gold Crown I and custom Gold Crown Light I built. Shout out to Kickin' Chicken for turning me onto a for sale thread by DEACON. A deal was struck and I received my rack a couple days ago. To save on shipping, I...
  10. rexus31

    Brunswick Gold Crown Cue Rack

    Looking for a Gold Crown cue rack. Let me know if you have one for sale or know of one for sale.
  11. rexus31

    Pool Table Stickers

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  12. rexus31

    Gold Crown I and II Reproduction Decals

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  13. rexus31

    FREE LIVE STREAM - Mika Immonen vs Efren Reyes January 17, 6:20pm Eastern Time
  14. rexus31

    World 14.1 Stream

    It's been terrible for me thus far with a bunch of buffering and freezing. I'm getting good speed on my network so I'm thinking the issue is on their side. How's everyone else's?
  15. rexus31

    Weighing my options - Reproduction Gold Crown Castings and Feet

    It seems there is some difficulty in powder coating the pocket castings and feet from my Gold Crown 1. The castings keep out gassing causing small bubbling in the finish. Apparently, this is a common issue when powder coating cast material. I've considered plating and anodizing but both...
  16. rexus31

    Mosconi Cup 2019 Schedule

    Does anyone know what time the matches start? I can’t seem to find start times anywhere online.
  17. rexus31

    Custom Gold Crown Light

    Work begun this week on (2) custom Gold Crown lights for myself and AZB member "pocket" who scored the brother to my table. Anyway, my father in law has a full blown wood working shop and is assisting me with this project. We started with making the end pieces and have the rough shape...
  18. rexus31

    WTB - Gold Crown 1 Aprons

    Looking for 8' or 9' Brunswick Gold Crown 1 Aprons.
  19. rexus31

    Brunswick Name Plate Paint Code

    Does anyone have the paint code for the pink on the Brunswick metal nameplates?