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  1. MahnaMahna

    Obsessive Forum Behavior 101

    Please note who is listed as last posting in the top threads for this forum. But thank god we have these forum moderators, it is a thankless job, but somebody has got to do it.
  2. MahnaMahna

    SALE or TRADE: 5x10 Gold Crown III Converted Snooker to Pool Table

    I have LOTS more pictures, just PM me. 10ft x 5ft Brunswick Gold Crown III (Converted Snooker) Pool Table, in good condition. Model AK. We believe this table was from the 70's. This was a snooker table the "bends" have been cut off and slightly shimmed. Table plays great, great practice table...
  3. MahnaMahna

    Challenge of Champions dump

    Ahhahhaahahahahaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm seriously laughing my ass off catching up on the last few hours. JB vs everyone!!!! Why are we so mean, fighting with poor JB? Bastards!!!! This place is like the cable company!
  4. MahnaMahna

    Mike Dechaine

    Mike in the morning:
  5. MahnaMahna

    So what's the deal with glove hatred in the pool room?

    The love glove can prevent pregnancy. That is all.
  6. MahnaMahna

    Did IPT pay players for world open?

    Llooooolllllllzzzzzzz. Guess I hit a nerve. I'm typing this using the tapatalk app by the way. Works great! Damn whippersnapper.
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    A plea to CSI regarding SVB vs Ko

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    W/FS Rules

  9. MahnaMahna

    Is the Game of Pool Geometrically Correct and/or Complete?

    Speaking of gators.....
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

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    Realkingcobra is in town!

    Stay focused buddy
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    Best new forum feature ever!

    I guess another one of the new tapatalk features are ads mixed in to the threads. WTF is a Ballard table?
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    Bar rules question

  15. MahnaMahna

    The Ballad of John and Lou, Part Two

    JB and Lou keeping it classy?
  16. MahnaMahna

    The Ballad of John and Lou, Part Three

    In my mind I see this except Lou is Cartman with JB's money lol