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  1. BmoreMoney

    Cue / access. prices at the Expo - and Becue review

    Just wondering about the cue prices at the Expo. I've always had the idear for whatever reason that prices for items ( pool related or not ) are usually offered at a discount lower than pretty much all other avenues of purchase? I only inquired on prices of two cues while there and while not...
  2. BmoreMoney

    Any of my Tip Hat peeps on here ?

    Just curious. Played this dude from there twice now. From multiple trusted people I'm told that a fair game between us is me getting with the free or maybe call 8. We've played twice and have another date scheduled for more acrion. He HAS NO HEART and even after everyone telling him he supposed...
  3. BmoreMoney

    New sticks, back in action, same stroke lol! Jk

    So, about a week or so ago I bought 6 cues and some cases. I hadn't actually hit A BALL in Mayne 3 or 4 months, and that time I played by myself for maybe 15 minutes. 3 or 4 months between shooting anything seems to have been the nor, last several years - no joke. So yes, I could not possibly be...
  4. BmoreMoney

    Anyone here drive a motorcycle?

    Looking for solutions of carrying a case (2x4 preferably or a 1x2 if necessary but not across the bars ). What are yall doing??? ( also not across the back like a bow and arrow lol )?
  5. BmoreMoney

    I really really need my shiny balls!

    The thread with the Pound and a half cue ball or whatever got me thinking..... whatever happened to the company that was supposed to put out the chrome ball set? It's been awhile so I forget the name. I know of at least once they put off the release for whatever the reason. I really wanted...
  6. BmoreMoney

    My new favorite player ! !!! BAD ASS.

    Always liked him but after riding this I have much respect for this guy! ( waiting to hear from a couple poster how can we idolize guys like this....... ?) Well I sont, but I do respect him and that's real stuff not fantasy.
  7. BmoreMoney

    Cue Components at it again

    This guy Joe is too much, hard to understand how anyone does business with them imo. This time basically threatening to shoot Shawn Putnam.
  8. BmoreMoney

    WPBA thoughts

    So..... while reading a current thread about a women's tournie and the mention about the WPBA and how they only have one or two events a year now. Well, seems to me back when Eva Lawrence, Black Widow and other beautiful long haired ladies played they were on TV all the time. There were also...
  9. BmoreMoney

    Actually.... I call on Mo,email Paige.

    Fargo I'd your baby, ok. I've resisted, ok. Put it all out there . Not all the bus league matches, but rather all the majors. Show us the results % wise , you know what I'm saying. Prove it works, or die trying lol. I want to believe, really...... Mike, you have this data, compile it and...
  10. BmoreMoney

    Looking for honest reviews on Barry Moore cues.

    Just came across my feed, betcha this is the cue in question, ESPECIALLY after reading first line in post lolol!
  11. BmoreMoney

    Karen Corr looking for sponsor (s) for US OPEN

    Looks like she wants someone or some people to put up her $1000 entry fee. Not mentioning any names here but I know there are several folks on here that are huge KC fans and proponents. Also good chance to " stake " a pro. Recently there was even talk in a thread about boys VS girls and she...
  12. BmoreMoney

    Opinions on this " rare Joss "

    Is this even a Joss???? PS - any idea on value? I like the design and thinking about for myself as a player???
  13. BmoreMoney

    Pretty logo Tad value ? ??

    I'm not a real collector ( other than maybe a couple makers ) and don't really know too too much but I hear people talk about " TADS" a lot and the few I've seen seem to sell for a ton. As I said not really a cue collector but like to collect money whenever possible so does this seem kind da...
  14. BmoreMoney

    Anyone want all their Photo bucket pics back for free?

    Have not tried as I don't use Photo bucket but I know the guy that posted and he's cool.
  15. BmoreMoney

    The 10 Commandments - Ye Shall Follow!!!

    Should hang above every door in every pool room, public or private.
  16. BmoreMoney

    My first time in AC!

    So. Me and my best friend since 5 yo decide were going to AC for an adventure. We had a 4 door Saturn. To this day I can't tell you where it came from lol. Somehow, my boys neighbor joins in and now it's us , him, and his girlfriend. Couldn't tell you exactly, but let's say he and his...
  17. BmoreMoney

    Gender test for any first place over $199......

    With subsequent talk and recent talk about gender roles in various tourneys I honestly think we need SOME KIND OF STANDARD. Otherwise, me and others might just go put a dress on and cash in.Valid question / subject - what say you?
  18. BmoreMoney

    Big corporate sponsors testing the water with pool again???

    So, this past weekend in Providence @ Snookers a tournament was held. Nothing new for this place, with the exception that it was the Budweiser Classic. Bud was the title sponsor of this event. First time I've seen a major Corp sponsoring pool in a LOOONG time. Kinda funny too, as this was...
  19. BmoreMoney

    WPA has spoken! Lol

    This is their first response to the players not getting paid in China. They spend more time whining about them not getting paid though. Has anyone figured out what the WPA actually does yet?
  20. BmoreMoney

    Most Expensive cue in the world!

    Most expensive and not even some good old ivory? Weighs in @ 9.5 lbs lololol. Guess would be a hell off a break cue! Someone over at McDermott definitely has the good stuff😊. Id swear I've seen a cue for sale for more, like for a quarter million somewhere or something like that. It does say...