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    Gulyassy Sledgehammer Question

    I’ve owned two before. Both the original and McDermott’s when they bought the patent. There should be nothing moving.
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    US Open 9-ball updates thread..

    He won the WPA world championship in 2017.
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    Revo size

    I had a revo 12.4 and same thing. Truthfully I found most after market shafts are never really the size as advertised. All my 314 shafts have always come bigger but tend to grind down after use.
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    Unofficially I believe he got prototypes like a few months before release. So probably the same year or year prior to the cynergy being released.
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    For format of the CSI ten-ball was complete rubbish.

    The funny thing about Wu Kun Lin’s rating is that a 794 is no joke. More than enough and really should not be that shocking if he snaps off a major. Especially with odd formats.
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    FargoRate Shane vs Dennis

    I’d also be interested in this. However, there are probably another handful of gambling matches between them that was never talked about or captured. Wouldn’t that also skew the results unless you included them? Take away the long 120 race sets if you’re only counting tournaments and it might...
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    I know this is probably mentioned somewhere…but will this be streamed?
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    Biado vs Sky UPDATES

    I think a better match up here would have been Skylar and Aranas matching up. Both are around the same age and next in line so to speak. I consider Biado to be just a hair better. I consider Shane to be a hair better than Biado. It’s that close but it’s looking to be the same result.
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    Biado vs Sky UPDATES

    Not too bad of ending for Skylar. At the break it was 20-7 Biado. So it was looking kind of rough. I mean…Biado was the #1 contender to the Money Games King in the Philippines for a while. At least until Dennis and him matched up and Anton Raga came along. That alone is enough credit anywhere on...
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    Billiards in the Olympics instead of

    Pool and Billiards is in the SEAG (South East Asian Games). Essentially the olympics but for South East Asian countries. Pool and Billiards belongs but it does have to replace a game/sport already on the list of events. I think the biggest issue is that there is no recognized governing body to...
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    8 ball or 9 ball which do you find more difficult?

    Two different games. 9 ball is tougher until you really start to learn how to move the cue ball. Then if you know pattern play, the game becomes very easy. 8 ball is “easier” for people who don’t really know how to move the cue ball around. Pool is funny though. The game becomes a lot more fun...
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    Rank current 1Pocket Players

    I think Tony did an interview after and said something along the lines of underestimating Filler’s game. If they play again I’d expect Tony to be a bit more deliberate. That’s a match up I’d be willing to sweat. Still firmly believe that Tony is the favorite. Still rank Dennis and Alex as 1a...
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    SVB vs. Dennis Match 2?

    Anyone can confirm that SVB and Dennis are playing again in a couple weeks? Omega released the full match in 18 parts on YouTube. Some ads in the middle of it say they’re playing again this June? Same game, same rules?
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    Is Dennis Orcollo "King of Money Matches" ?

    Take a look at Alex’s interview on YouTube (Pool player podcast) about who he considers the best money players. He was actually sort of critical about svb only gambling at his type of game. He said Dennis would literally take on anyone in anything. If Dennis is the underdog, it won’t be by much.
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    First Custom Cue - $1200 Budget

    What’s crazy is that $1200 may not actually buy all that much new from relatively known cue makers. Maybe just a merry widow with a wrap and choice of woods? If you’re looking for a deal then used is the way to go. Honestly, I would only go custom if I wanted to spend at a minimum $2,000 and...
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    Correct me if I am wrong, but it appears that Predator paints some of their cues, instead of using real woods.

    Yeah, they used to use real ebony for the black woods in their cues. Not sure if the more expensive lines are still ebony or not, but they used to. Not much more to say than that. They got cheap or needed to cut costs somewhere...
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    Case - What is your preference

    Instroke cases are always nice. Just heavy. Both the leather and vinyl are good.
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    Best medium tip?

    In all honesty, the predator tips are not bad. Right after an install the tip differences can be big between brands and hardness, but after a while they all tend to feel and play the same. I like hard tips and really was impressed by the victory hard tips from pred.
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    Opinions please on a cue

    Yeah I agree with what has been said here. Back in like mid 2000’s those pure x and players cues were great for around $100ish. Now though they are really pushing near $200. Hard to recommend now. For around the $270-$300 you can get a far better cue. Look at McDermott or Viking. Maybe even...