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    Joss Six Pointed Star

    Does anyone have, know of, ever seen, a Joss cue with the same design? A similar design? The Serial Number is E01002. I understand the "E" indicates an approximate manufacture year of 2004. Any proximal serial numbers out there?
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    Joss Designs/Model Numbers

    Is there a source to aid in determining a Joss Cue's Model Number? Can Model Numbers and Serial Numbers be correlated? If so, how? On Joss's "standard" cues, what is the usual number produced for each design or model number?
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    Does anyone know how our Louisiana friends fared? It was a lot of rain and moderate wind here, but over there, it was very much worse.
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    brunswicks and diamonds

    This is not meant to start a war. The answer or answers to these question are beyond me. A properly set up and maintained Gold Crown seems to me to be the perfect platform -- I detected no deficiency or need for improvement. Maybe I am wrong, but if I am correct, I cannot understand why...
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    I recently became the happy owner of a GTF 1 x 2. From all that can be presently determined this case is as good or better than any other case I own. Just one small issue: is there a correct way to load this beauty and if so, how? From the AZB Archives, I have identified two schools of...
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    During the 70's which custom pool cue makers were selling cues, built to order, through pool halls?
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    Best Custom Joint Protectors

    All things considered, who makes the best custom joint protectors?
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    Best After-market Joint Protectors

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    Exclusive Exposure for New Cue Makers

    This post may sound "picky", but I look at cues on the net all of the time, and I know what I would like to see: new cues produced by "unknown" cue makers producing full spliced or multi-point cues. Does anyone know of a site/area dedicated to providing the young gun cue makers with exposure...
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    Older Pool Halls

    As I have contemplated the ongoing, and escalating, decimation of pool halls, the absolute cornerstone of our sport, I have wondered about the status of American pool halls in general. Particularly, I have begun to wonder about the longevity of our rooms. In other words, how many pool halls...
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    Slipstroke: Loose Grip = CB Action

    I hate to bring up old subjects, especially ones I took a shot at before, but let me try again. I just heard the term "slip stroke" for the first time, and I am wondering if it is related to my stroke. Over the years I developed a stroke which employs a very loose grip with definite wrist...
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    Brunswick Pool Table

    I am looking for a Gold Crown in good condition.
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    Small Town Pool

    Long time ago, I tired of the interstates and began taking the backroads (loved Texas' FTMs and RTMs). This ultimately caused me to find myself in many out of the way places, and I, of course, looked for pool tables in all of them. I found pool, and snooker, sometimes sharing the strangest of...
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    Search Function SNAFU

    Anyone else having issues with the search function and retrieving files?
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    Brunswick Pockets

    I am trying to buy a Brunswick table. I hate ball returns but I will buy a table with one because the market in my area is slim. However, I need to know . . . What is involved in converting a Brunswick table from a ball return to a drop pocket? Anyone have any experience with such? Result...
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    Christmas Celebrations Around the Pool World

    Do any of y'alls leagues or pool rooms celebrate, either now or in the past, Christmas in any special way -- parties, exchange of small gifts, Dirty Santa, or better yet, toy drives or other charitable endeavors? Merry Christmas Everyone!
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    Why a Full Splice?

    Another thread poses the question of whether points affect hit/feel. My question is how/why did full splice cues happen to develop in the first place. I was told, as a child, that the purpose of the full splice was to provide a way to cushion, or diffuse, the impact of a cue. (Why are cues...
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    Rings vs. Discs

    I just discovered that pool cues have two different types of “rings”. First, there are the type I expected -- true rings -- the ring is about three to four mm thick and its center is hollow. Beneath the surface of such rings, one finds the wood of the cue’s body. Second, there are rings...
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    I saw the sticky about "no more raffles". Did ya'll have them often? Were there problems? Did ya'll enjoy them? If they were legal, and AZB was ok with them, would you like them back?
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    Meucci: Removal of Clear Coat from Linen Wrap

    Is it possible to remove the clear coat and salvage the underlying linen wrap on a Meucci? If so, how? Or do I need to just get a new wrap put on?