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  1. plshrk22

    <O><O> 6 New Wes Hunters <O><O>

    PM me for special pricing this week.
  2. plshrk22

    <<>> 3 New Wrapless SugarTrees <<>>

  3. plshrk22

    <O> Cocobolo and Alves South West with Green Veneers <O>

    The green veneers really pop on this one! It is a bit unique because it was ordered from Laurie to have a slightly larger handle as well. This one has barely been played and like the other one I listed, you wouldnt ever know it wasnt brand new. Both shafts have never been played or chalked...
  4. plshrk22

    <O><O> 6 New Wes Hunters <O><O>

    Up with a price drop
  5. plshrk22

    Looking for an Olney cue, Wes hunter cue, Jensen cue.

    I wont be there but Ive got Wes Hunters if youre interested.
  6. plshrk22

    <SW>Cocobolo and Goncalo Alves South West<SW>

    The Cocobolo in this cue is very red and the red/black veneer really pops off of the Goncalo Alves. The cue has been played with but not with the original shafts, they are new and unplayed. Honestly, you would never know this cue wasn't new, it looks brand new but I want to be honest about it...
  7. plshrk22

    <O><O> 6 New Wes Hunters <O><O>

  8. plshrk22

    <<>> 3 New Wrapless SugarTrees <<>>

  9. plshrk22

    South West Wrapless Coco and Curly

    In my opinion it doesn't get much better than this. This South West is decked out and has awesome Cocobolo and Curly Maple. The cue has New and has never been played. Price - $7,899 Condition - Brand New Pin Number - 373-17 Butt Weight - 16.2oz Shaft 1 Weight - 3.5oz - 13MM Shaft 2 Weight -...
  10. plshrk22

    <O><O> 6 New Wes Hunters <O><O>

    Indian Ebony and Curly has been sold.
  11. plshrk22

    <<>> 3 New Wrapless SugarTrees <<>>

    Just in from Eric last week. Im a sucker for Bocote and Curly so thats definitely my favorite but they are all stunning. $1399 Each Shipped and Insured. Specs go from left to right in the photos. Condition - Brand New - SOLD Butt Weight - 15.1oz Shaft 1 Weight - 3.9oz - 13.1MM Shaft 2 Weight...
  12. plshrk22

    <X> Brand New SugarTree Wrapless <X>

    This would be consider an "Ugly Duckling" but it is not signed as one. It is Rosewood and Birds Eye Maple. SOLDSOLD Condition - Brand New Butt Weight - 15oz Shaft 1 Weight - 4oz - 13.1MM Tip - Water Buffalo Ferrules- LBM Pin - 3/8-10 Joint - Phenolic Wood - Rosewood and Birds Eye Maple SOL
  13. plshrk22

    A Few New Sugars just in

    I actually forgot to photograph the one ugly duckling but its not ugly...
  14. plshrk22

    <O><O> 6 New Wes Hunters <O><O>

    I thought I would consolidate my threads into one to make it a bit easier. Asking $1149 Shipped and Insured. Specs are below and go in order from left to right on the photos. Condition - Brand New Butt Weight - 15.7oz Shaft 1 Weight - 3.4oz - 13MM Shaft 2 Weight - 3.6oz - 13MM Tip - Triangle...
  15. plshrk22

    ISO SugarTree Cue

    I’ve got 6 New Sugartrees that I haven’t listed yet. Shoot me a message.