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    Richard Benson

    I heard he passed away..hope its not true. I also heard that his son is no longer dealing with cues..would like to know if anyone has any knowledge of true facts..thanks.
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    Bcapl question

    I heard that you no longer get a member ship this true ? I didn't want to tell my friend that he was incorrect..even though I thought he he correct ?
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    Lincoln city

    Just wondering whos going in April..I'll be there from the 10-14th.. I'm not playing this year..just watch the wife an a few friends. best of luck to those of you that are going...
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    Friend looking to buy a 16oz cue

    I told him I' d come on here an see whats out there... He only wants to spend he would like a 11mm tip. I might be able to get him to spend 400..hes a true red neck in every since of the word..nice guy..just real hard headed.. He isn't looking for any thing fancy..just wants a cue...
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    Happy Mothers day to all you Ladys

    There are alot of us that will have to play today..even mothers..I'm lucky,my wife plays on the team with me..over the years we've missed a few play dates,to spent today at the coast,or do something as a I say a big thank you to all the mothers out there that play or not..for putting...
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    Pool halls Portland Ore. Area

    I was just wondering how many there are,an how the rooms are set up. Is there alot of action these days..doesn't have to be big money..just thought it would be interesting to hear about the Portland area.thanks.
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    Who's going to Reno

    Just wondering,if every thing goes right..I'll be playing..just hope I hit'em well..but two an out is okay too..then I can watch it all.
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    Past Kolby owners

    I've known Camron on a social level for years,but never knew his bother at the same time never knew they started Kolbys until another friend of mine asked if he could bring some people by to gamble..he thro their names out,an aked if I knew them..I said its been years since I've been...
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    thanks for the pm,will get back to you..having a issue sending it..I'm not internet savy...electronics hate