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    Mezz Cue....NO Reserve!

    Mezz AXI 158 on the bay with no reserve. Get it at a great price! :thumbup:
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    Meucci Original Ending Tonight!

    Get a beautiful Meucci Original 88-2 for a great price! :thumbup:
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    Sbe 2020

    The notification finally came through. SBE 2020 is officially cancelled :(
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    Meucci Original For Sale

    Up for Sale is: Meucci Original 88-2 Price : SOLD shipped - I'll ship it in one of my hard sided cases too....Free Case :thumbup: Shaft: 3.6oz 12.9mm - slight taper wobble Tip: Champion Tip (I believe) Butt: 16.5oz - In great condition for it's age! A few minor finish nicks and one scratch in...
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    ~~~~> Mezz AXI-158 <~~~~

    Not sure why my last thread got deleted.....but here it is again! Up for Sale is: Mezz AXI-158 Price : $650 shipped Shaft: WX700 3.4oz 12.5mm - Like New! Tip: standard Kamui med brown Butt: 15.6oz - In great condition, only a few very minor (being really picky here) finish scuffs in the butt...
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    Mezz, McD, and Jim Baxter for sale

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    J&J Jump/Break Cue

    SOLDUp for sale is my J&J Jump Break The cue is in very good condition overall with some light bluing on the shaft, but it's very smooth. I can clean it at the buyer's wish. The Butt is Palm Wood into straight grain maple. Spec's as follows: Cue : J&J Jump/Break Model 2719 Length : 58" Weight ...
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    Diveney 60" Sneaky

    SOLDUp for sale is my 2016 60" Diveney Sneaky. The cue is in very good condition overall, with a few small nicks in the finish near the end of the butt, hardly noticeable. The wood is Cocobolo into a beautiful curly maple - my crappy phone pics don't do it justice. The shaft does have quite a...
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    Jerry R Merry Widow

    Up for sale is a Jerry R merry widow in beautiful curly maple with a leather wrap. The cue is 58" in length and excellent condition (re-finished just a few years ago and seldom used after) - there are a few very small marks in the finish on butt cap The butt has a slight lift at the joint when...
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    Retired McDermott D-11 for sale

    McDermott D-11 Up for sale is my McDermott D-11 made between 1984 and 1990. Newly re-wrapped with a white and brown spec linen. The cue is 58" in length and in pretty good condition for it age - there are a few very small dings and you can just feel the rings through the finish. The butt is as...
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    Purchased cue blank, how do I store it?

    The title pretty much says it all. I purchased a beautiful cue blank at SBE this past weekend. While I'm figuring out exactly what I want done to it and who will build it, I would like to know know the best way to store it. Is it best to hang it, lay it on a flat table frequently rotating it...
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    Mcdermott D-11 at SBE

    Hi All, I have a Mcdermott D-11 for sale and will have it with me at SBE. It has a brand new white/brown spec linen done by Dan Dishaw. The cue overall is in good condition with some nicks/dings - typical for it's age. It seems to be right around 19oz and 13mm. Please note that there is no wrap...
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    F/S: Predator Z Shaft

    As the title states, I have an original predator Z shaft for sale. It's been sitting in my case for a while and I have no use for it. It has a few bumps on it towards the joint end, smooth in the stroking area. Uni-loc joint, solid black collar, Kamui soft tip. Shaft is right about 11mm at the...
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    ~~~>FS/FT Rat Cue<~~~

    I will be at SBE this week, if anybody is interested, PM me. Up for sale/trade is a Ryan Theewen cue aka Rat Cues. It features a black palm wood handle with birdseye maple forearm and butt sleeve. There are black phenolic joint collars that are highlighted with eight alternating...
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    Shafts for sale at SBE

    Hi everyone, I'll be at SBE this weekend and have two shafts for sale: One original Pedator Z uni-loc with a black joint collar, 11mm - $125. One uni-loc shaft, I believe it's an older Lucasi shaft, with a single silver joint ring,13mm - $100. PM me if your interested and we can meet up at...
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    LTB Uni-Loc Butt

    As the title states, I'm looking to buy a uni-loc butt only, no shaft, I have too many :p . Trying to put something together for a gift. Preferably in the $100-$200 range. Lets see whats out there! Thanks.
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    LTB : Old Growth Shaft

    I would like to buy an old growth / bowling alley wood shaft. Anybody out there that has one or can make one with a uni-loc joint let me know. PM me prices. Thanks, Brian.
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    WTT: Lucasi for custom.

    I'm seeing if anyone would be interested in trading a custom sneaky or plain jane for a Lucasi LP-60. The cue is 2 years old and in very good condition. There are a few smalls nicks on the butt cap and a tiny mark on the ferrule of the regular shaft. The cue comes with 2 shafts, a regular maple...
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