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  1. cycopath

    Carlo Pagulayan Comic Artist

    Does anyone know is the Filipino born comic artist Carlo Pagulayan is related to Alex? Just curious.
  2. cycopath

    Who’s the AZBer...?

    Who is the guy that documented the building of the really nice outbuilding in his backyard and had two 8 foot tables in it? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. cycopath

    Diamond cushion replacing

    When you are replacing the cushions on a 7 foot Diamond, is it in your best interest to disassemble the rail cap? Or do you leave the rail cap assembly intact as you would during recovering? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. cycopath

    Changing tip, change fiber pad?

    I put a tip on a friend's Revo a while back. He brought it back in a couple days when the tip popped off. He told me that Predator says you are suppose to change the fiber pad every time you change the tip. Is that the general consensus with the rest of you guys?
  5. cycopath

    Valley slate too low?

    I’m helping a friend recover his older Valley barbox he recently bought. When I first looked at the table I thought it had the wrong profile cushions on it because the rail nose height was at 1-11/16. So of course the balls were banking dead with no rebound. So as I’m trying to adjust the rails...
  6. cycopath

    Anyone here in an APA Live Scoring test area?

    Just curious how it seems to work. Are you using your smart phone or a tablet?
  7. cycopath

    Samsung QLED 4K commercial

    So Samsung is dissing us pool players, right? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. cycopath

    Lateral Epicondylitis aka Tennis Elbow screwing up my game!

    I can't break worth a damn or even put a good draw stroke on the ball. This will be my explanation for my bad playing for next few months. Feel free to incorporate this excuse into your pool world excuses as well. Merry Christmas!
  9. cycopath

    Jacksonville NC area tournaments?

    I’ll be making my annual pilgrimage to visit the in-laws in North Carolina around Christmas and New Years. I’ve been browsing Facebook to see if there’s any tournaments going on at that time. I can’t really find anything near the J’ville area. Any of our esteemed AZ posters know of anything...
  10. cycopath

    Finding a fair game for a short stop US player in the Philippines

    Let me preface this post by saying I am neither going to the Philippines nor am I a short stop speed player. I’m just curious after watching all these live streams from the PI. Can a less than Pro level player find a fair game and not feel like he’s being robbed? There’s just so much raw...
  11. cycopath

    Diamond inlay name

    What is the proper name for this shape diamond? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. cycopath

    Identify a bar table.

    A friend just got this table and we are trying to figure out who manufactured it. I’ve never seen one like it. It appears someone drilled new bolt opens to be able to mount Valley style rails. The ball window slides open, which is real different. And the coin mechanism is a single quarter per...
  13. cycopath

    Valley corner bolt size?

    Does anyone know off hand what size the bolts are inside the table that connect the corners together? Not just head size but also thread pitch and length. Thanks.
  14. cycopath

    Shaw team Europe

    Wasn’t Jayson applying for US citizenship years ago? Was he not approved? Just curious because of his involvement on the Team Europe MC team. I’m not sure of Matchroom’s rules , as far as eligibility goes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. cycopath

    APA Masters team The Hit Squad from Michigan

    Anyone here on the Hit Squad team out of Detroit? Our team plays you first thing next Wednesday morning. I guess I need to start practicing early in the morning for the next week just to get familiar with hitting balls that early. ;) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. cycopath

    Rail nuts spinning inside

    A guy approached me last night and asked me how to remove the rail assembly if a couple of the bolts won’t back out. What he described to me sounds like the flat nuts inside the rail assembly has busted the wood enough to allow it to just spin in place. He said he was gonna try a recip saw...
  17. cycopath

    Jay Helfert says 'Every other day to keep your speed up'...

    I was watching a 2016 USBTC match the other day. While enjoying the match as well as Jay Helfert and Bobby Leblanc's excellent commentary, Jay mentions hitting the balls at least every other day is sufficient to keep your pool playing speed (aka skill level) up. I thought that sounds pretty...
  18. cycopath

    Question on filling the slate gap and screw holes.

    I've never had a table with as large a gap as this one between two of the slates. About an 1/8th inch. Should I use something to fill the area first, like playing cards or even left over table cloth? Also, I've never had a table that the slate screws are actually in the playing field. Should I...
  19. cycopath

    Finally got my bones... APA style.

    After 11 years and running the full spectrum from dropping down to a SL3, I finally achieved SL7. Now my team is just about points out... Yay me... :(
  20. cycopath

    Where to find US Billiards barbox rails?

    A friend's U.S. Billiards 7ft bar box is in dire need of new rails. The wood is busted and completely unusable. Any idea where you can get a set? Thanks.