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  1. Jodacus

    Mosconi cup

    I was looking to buy tickets for The Mosconi Cup. Are VIP tickets available? I couldn't find any on the website. Thanks
  2. Jodacus

    Balance Rite

    Has anyone adopted the Balance Rite for full time use? If so why, if not why not?
  3. Jodacus

    Cues vs watches

    Are the cue collectors suffering more than the watch collectors. In other words is collecting suffering in general?
  4. Jodacus


    Am I the only one having problems with the USBTC stream? It worked great the first day. I looked back for previous threads and didn't see anything about buffering or connection problems. Anybody else having these problems? Thanks Joe
  5. Jodacus

    Do you know?

    A few years ago someone was making a fabric sleeve that went on over the cue shaft. Are these still available? I checked a few billiards products suppliers and came up dry. I searched using the obvious key words without luck. Anybody know anything? Thanks Joe
  6. Jodacus

    Merry Christmas AZers

    May all of your pool needs be satisfied this holiday season. Joe
  7. Jodacus


    I have been using predator ld shafts for several years now but have grown tired of the relatively stiff (hard) hit they have. I know tips and ferruls have a lot to do with how the shaft hits but I was wondering about anybody's experiences with the shafts themselves. I was looking for an ld...
  8. Jodacus

    Do you play to win?

    I am driven to practice for the purpose of playing better. This means that if I play well and lose I'm ok with it. If I play crappy and lose I really hate it but if I play play crappy and win I'm still not very happy. So I'm driven to practice just so I play better and playing better gives me...
  9. Jodacus

    Player ratings

    If the table parameters are set and we assume all players play on the same table could a relative player rating be established? Nine foot table, Simonis 860 and 4 1/2" pro cut pockets. Now that the table is set lets set the game. The game is ghost play. BIH after the break. Nine on the...
  10. Jodacus

    Loose cluster management

    Is there a standard approach for working balls that are clustered together in the middle of the table? Starting from the outside and working in or starting on the inside (in order to open the cluster up a bit) and working out. This probably occurs more in bar box 8 ball than any other game...
  11. Jodacus

    Rules Query

    If the cue ball is frozen to an illegal object ball and moves as the frozen shot is taken is that a foul? Does it matter which direction the the frozen ball moved? Thanks Joe
  12. Jodacus

    SkierLawyer---Where you been?

    I hope you are enjoying that butterfly cue I sold you about a year ago! It's enjoyable to have things that remind us of our younger days. Mr. Fanelli made great cues. I have a never played Mark Bear you may be interested in. If you ever visited his website it is the cue that was...
  13. Jodacus

    Sorry---more about pivot points.

    I find the idea of pivot points fascinating. Someone suggested a relationship between LD shafts and a front hand pivot. What would that relationship be? Is there really a difference between pivoting the front hand vs the rear hand? I also see the idea that speed somehow affects the...
  14. Jodacus

    What is best?

    When I shoot one particular shot without english I make it 9 out of 10 times from any distance. When I add outside english and the cue ball is more than two diamonds from the object ball I over cut it every time. Apparently my stroke is the problem. So here is the question. Is it better to...
  15. Jodacus

    You know what I mean.

    Seattle / Vancouver pool rooms? It seems to me I recently heard about a very nice room in Seattle. Was I dreaming? Joe
  16. Jodacus

    Pool pants

    Ok, we read about the guy with the holy shirt problem and others have confirmed that this does happen. What about the pants? When I was twenty and played a lot I would wear out my Levis at table height. There would be a long hole right at table height and the white pocket would show...
  17. Jodacus


    Can someone briefly explain how the NAPA skill rating system works? If you are involved, how do you like the NAPA league system? It isn't available where I live. Joe
  18. Jodacus

    For COM experts

    Am I crazy or is there an error in the credits relating to characters in the movie? I'm intentionally being vague to see if anyone else noticed this. Thanks Joe
  19. Jodacus

    TV Pool

    Pool on TV on Sunday 5/11 on ESPN2 mid afternoon.
  20. Jodacus

    Stupid Question?

    I have often wondered why a cue has to be straight? Why do some people put so much importance on it? If it is a measure of quality then fine, but once the tip is lined up on the ball how does it matter what path the tip takes on its way to the correct spot? OR, does a different bend on...