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    What kind of set-up do you guys use/ recommend. Thanks in advance
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    Mark Griffin

    I saw on a pool site here in St. Louis that Gary Lutman is saying he and Mark both tested positive for Covid recently. Gary said he's doing better and Mark is in the hospital and he is talking to him daily.
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    What to do!!

    We are in the process of getting ready to move. My problem is i have a 41/2 x 9 i believe to be World of Leisure table. Bought from Phil Spudich in Columbia ,Mo about 15 years ago. Solid as a rock oak everything. My wife says we need to figure out who we are getting to move it.I tell her the guy...
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    Playing without glasses

    Went and had my eyes checked last wed and needed a new perscription, so naturally they had to keep my frames. I dig out a old pair ,about 3-4 year old, play terrible on thursday league. Anyway I go down to the basement sunday to hit some balls around and after five minutes decide to try without...
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    My grandson shot an airbarrel....

    In his diaper. I hope . Merry Christmas.
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    760 or 860 simonis on a bartable

    Asking for a friend, he has a valley bar box.
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    Losing a parent

    My sister and I lost our father yesterday. He came home from the hospital Sat and was in hospice care. I remember watching him playing for money (couple bucks, but this was in the sixties) ,asking a friend of his why he did'nt shoot this ball instead and getting a wtf look from them, i was...
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    Spotting the 9

    Why would you spot the nine, from a scratch on the break, where the one ball sits, instead of the spot, which is where the spot is in this tournament. Game 16.
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    What's your strategy when watchi... trying to watch U.S. Open

    When your screen freezes do you count off before heading to the forum to see if anyone else is having the same problem Do you worry that as soon as you leave it's gonna come back on. [see what I did there]. What's your strategy?
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    How many other suckers.......

    I know its the first day.... but I was just wondering how many others paid for the entire week.... ahh, the early bird special, and are wishin they would have waited?
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    Duel of Dames

    Does anyone know who won this. Got sick of looking at the poster being plastered across the screen over the table Also if you are going to have and stream a tournament post the results sometime withen 24 hrs.
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    Oh my God, Allison just shot three shots without a single clap, couldn't quite make four. Will keep you posted.
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    Should we as pool players be concerned about the recent linkings to cancer. I know it was ovarian cancer in women, but it always starts somewhere first. Other than mothers using it on there babies and themselves, I would think pool players would ,or at least usedto rank near the top in usage.
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    There's nothing courageous about a pool shot. Gutsy shot, Ballsy shot... yeah. Courageous shot... no.
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    What the heck is going on with the war chant style clapping. Started a couple minutes after Shane won. Anyonr know?
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    AZ Giveaway

    I was one of the winners [ can't believe i finally got to say that] in last months drawing and won a Predator BK000 break stick. It came very nicely packaged and with it's own sleeve-like case. So far I've enjoyed using it as I seem to have better control on the cueball. I want to thank AZB...
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    Water on my table

    Got home awhile ago , wife say's she really screwed up bad. How bad could it be? She was outside hosing off the porch and windows, comes inside, goes down to the basement and theres water all over my table. Looks like a pipe possibly froze this winter and we were not aware. Anyway, other than...
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    Mid-West 9-ball at The Break

    Went over friday for the minis, couldn't getback over. Anybody know top finishers?
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    Hustling America

    A show on National Geographic Channel . Meeting Titanic Thompson. Came on at 8 cst , will repeat at10 pm cst.
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    Where's Lou???

    Isn't he supposed to be playing in the one-pocket in Reno? Didn't see his name on the brackets. Anyone know anything?