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  1. Lazerrus

    Looking for cue maker for conversion

    I am looking for a cue maker to do a nice conversion on an original Brunswick Hoppe cue.
  2. Lazerrus

    WANTED: Looking for older Lucasi cues in NM cond

    Looking for pre 2010 Lucasi Cues in new or near new condition. Message me what you have etc etc.
  3. Lazerrus

    Cue buildoff update!

    Hello everyone. Ok so I have an update on the cue buildoff. Cues have arrived safe and sound and I am working on getting them cased up and numbered. I will be shooting a video to share with you the entries in all their glory. I expect to have that up by next week. Then they will be shipping...
  4. Lazerrus

    FS It's George 2X4 smooth Brown unused.

    This is an unused 2x4 It's George in smooth brown leather. It has never had a cue in it. Absolutely beautiful shape. I would give it a 98 to 99% a few minor small dings from storage. FIRST $old pending payment.
  5. Lazerrus

    SALE McDermott EF-2 w/leather wrap & McD hard case $125 shipped!

    Christmas sale!!!!! I believe this to be a model EF-2 Mcdermott with a custom leather wrap. Cue is rolls straight together and apart. Cue is 19.75oz. No nicks or dings. 3/8X10 pin. Some slight blueing to shaft. See pics. Comes with a McDermott hard shell case with green interior. Would make...
  6. Lazerrus

    CUE ID. I'm stumped NOV. 15

    Found this cue for sale but have no idea who made it. These pics are from the seller. I have not seen the cue in person.
  7. Lazerrus

    CUE ID HELP! Brunswick BBC

    I have a very old BBC here that I can not id. I have scoured the net and the blue book with no exact matches. Thick uncracked ivory Hoppe ring. Original ivory ferrule. Original leather wrap. One piece cue. Pretty straight. Flat head screw in bottom of butt. Weight stamp above Hoppe ring...
  8. Lazerrus

    WTB: 1x2 smooth black It's George

    Strapless and pocketless in nice condition. Someone must have one.
  9. Lazerrus

    Help with Cue info and value please (Huebler)

    A friend of mine is looking for some info and value on his Huebler. It is limited to 100 however he believes the count of cues never made it to the 100 mark. This cue is not listed in the Blue Book so I am reaching out to you guys to see if anyone knows any more about it and what it's current...
  10. Lazerrus

    Finally a decent craigslist find for me

    Just got this off craigslist this morning. I know its no holy grail and the shaft was toast but for $40 I couldn't say no:wink: They can still be found after all. Not for sale. It's my first one:wink:
  11. Lazerrus

    Wanted old used 9 balls for project

    Looking for a deal on some old used 9 balls for a craft project. Brand doesn't matter. Used but not trashed. Pm me with any that you have lying around. Thanks.
  12. Lazerrus

    Case ID? Import? Curious.

    I saw this case on ebay with this Joss cue. Not sure about it. It looks like a George knock off. Canvas strap and maybe vinyl? Anyone know anything about it?
  13. Lazerrus

    ATTN: Cue Makers. Cue Build Off starting for Charity

    *******BUILD OFF IS NOW FULL! THANKS TO ALL BUILDERS & JUDGES WHO SIGNED UP******* NOTE: ALSO POSTED IN THE ASK THE CUE MAKER SECTION I am looking for 6 to 8 cue makers who would be willing to participate in a new cue build off. I have been contacted with interest in putting this together...
  14. Lazerrus

    ATTN: Cue Makers. Cue Build Off starting for Charity

    *******BUILD OFF IS NOW FULL! THANKS TO ALL BUILDERS & JUDGES WHO SIGNED UP******* I am looking for 6 to 8 cue makers who would be willing to participate in a new cue build off. I have been contacted with interest in putting this together so after careful thought and design I have decided to...
  15. Lazerrus

    Submit me your Cue Maker Logos please

    Ok everyone I am going to start assembling a photographic archive of cue maker and cue company logos that are used on cues. This archive will be submitted to Mr. Brad Simpson the author of the Blue Book Of Pool Cues in hopes to help give a quick index to the book. I came up with this idea...
  16. Lazerrus

    Idea for the next Blue Book Of Pool Cues

    I was thinking while flipping through my blue book. It would be handy if at the beginning or end of the book there was a quick Cue Maker Logo reference. A few pages of just small pics of Cue Maker's Logos alphabetically for quick scanning and identification purposes. Just a thought.:smile:
  17. Lazerrus

    ***TODAY ONLY SALE*** $125 shipped

    Need to sell this cue today. One day sale $OLD! shipped. Cue is new and custom wrapped by LP Custom Cues. Lucasi L-E50. No longer made. Specs: Lucasi L-E50 20.15oz Black textured leather wrap. Stained BEM with floating ebony points and white inlays. Ebony butt sleeve with inlays. Uni-Loc...
  18. Lazerrus

    Dealing with impatient customers

    This is aimed at the cue makers out there. I am not one but do perform services to customers in a different field. I am curious as to how you handle difficult impatient customers. You know the ones. When is my cue going to be done? Can I get more pics of the build? I want to change...
  19. Lazerrus

    My first cork wrap

    Ok so I have installed a few leather wraps and thought I would try out a cork wrap and see how I like it. I installed this on one of my LP Custom Cues. I just love the way it turned out. It feels great in the hand but have not shot with the cue yet since I installed it so I can't really say...
  20. Lazerrus

    Richard Black VS. Tim Scruggs

    Ok I am dying to see how this turns out. I have thought about this for awhile. Both of these top tier cue makers design and build similar style cues and IMHO at the same quality. So I wanted to put these two gentlemen head to head here on AZ and see what you all think. This is just for fun...