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  1. DJKeys

    New Joey "Miniature"

    When my wife and I moved into our house in Vegas, we made the living room around the 8 foot table. There are two or three tight spots where a 58" cue could not be used. I bought a short cue from Amazon, but it hit so badly that I asked Joey if he could built me a 50 inch cue. Since I already...
  2. DJKeys

    WTB Tascarella Shaft

    Tascarella Shaft Wanted: Straight 5/16x14 piloted 12.5mm, ivory ferrule Black collar with .060 silver ring .839-.843 inches at bottom of collar. Thanks! -dj
  3. DJKeys

    WTB: Aramith Tournament Black Dot Cue Ball

    It's the one they ship with the Black set. Any ideas where can find one of these? PoolDawg is the only place I found and they are out of stock- Thanks- -dj
  4. DJKeys

    Aramith Tournament, Traditional or TV?

    My wife and I moved to Vegas in February and we have the space carved out (in the living room!) for the new 8 foot Diamond Pro am and the Littman light is hung. I am going to by the Aramith tournament ball set and wanted to know if you guys have any preference between the TV and the Traditional...
  5. DJKeys

    Pool Rooms in Vegas

    I just moved about a month ago to North Las Vegas and wanted to know your experiences with the pools halls in town. I have been to Good Timez and Griff's, and plan on a trip to Las Vegas Cue Club, which is closest to downtown. I want to get into a BCA league to qualify for the tournament in...
  6. DJKeys

    Color test

    This is a test
  7. DJKeys

    New Dinko 222 Case!

    I saw Dinko's cases in the For Sale section and they looked great, beautiful leather, solid construction and fit and finish. I haven't bought a cue case in 7 years, but contacted him to make me a 1x2 Hustler style case. It should be done soon, I will let the pictures speak, thanks Dinko! -dj
  8. DJKeys

    Rare Murnak 1x2 Case FS

  9. DJKeys

    Tascarella Shaft

    Want to see if someone has a shaft they want to sell: 12.5mm, ivory ferrule Black collar with .060 silver ring .839-.843 inches at bottom of collar. Thanks! -dj
  10. DJKeys

    Trade Collector Guitar for Cue

    Guitar is Gone, thanks- -dj
  11. DJKeys

    Superb Joey Cue!

    Joey Bautista Olivewood cue. Stag Joint, G10 pin, Stag collars, smooth leather wrap by Kenny Koo. Cue is in excellent condition with very little play on either shaft. Exceptional player. Butt is 14.95 oz Shaft 1 is 13mm, 4.1 oz Shaft 2 is 12.8mm 4.0 oz Price is $OLD shipped CONUS. Thanks...
  12. DJKeys

    FS: Classic Tascarella Player

    This cue is SOLD -dj
  13. DJKeys

    Cue Identity

    A friend of mine came across this while doing inventory for an estate. If anyone can provide information on this cue, it would be appreciated- -dj
  14. DJKeys

    FS: Tascarella Bumperless Hoppe

    Cue is no longer for sale. -dj
  15. DJKeys

    Tasteful Tascarella Bumperless Hoppe

    Love the way this one came out- -dj
  16. DJKeys

    Ned Morris Cue FS

    I have a very nice Ned Morris cue for sale. It appears to be an older cue, but is in great shape. There are small nicks and dings in the buttcap and joint collars. You can feel the silver ringwork on some of the rings as well.I believe the white inlays and rings are Micarta. Description...
  17. DJKeys

    No Bumper, No Wrap, All Business-

    New Tascarella Player- My new Tascarella player! Beautiful full-splice blank Classic veneers Simple decoration. Enjoy- -dj
  18. DJKeys

    Perfect Tascarella Hoppe FS:

    ******Tascarella Hoppe FS:****** This cue just returned from Pete's shop for a complete refinish, including shafts and joint collars. Except for a little chalk on one of the tips, cue is in 99 44/100 % condition (as it is not new): Four ebony points into straight grain maple Four veneers...
  19. DJKeys

    Tascarella Perfect Player

    I got this cue from Marcus in 2010, played with it for 5 years. I just sent it back to Pete for a complete refinish. I have learned from experience that Pete's finishes are the hardest and most durable I have ever seen, as I am pretty hard on cues. He did an amazing job! Smooth leather wrap...
  20. DJKeys

    Tascarella Cues, What Tips Does Pete Install?

    I just took delivery of a new Tascarella cue. I screwed in the compression-fit shaft, hit a ball and WOW! It plays perfect! Hits fantastic, great feel, sound, feedback. Does someone know what kind of tips he installs? They are brown, single layer with a red fiber pad. Thanks a lot! --dj