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    SVB to Kick Off High Run Attempts

    Where was JS at the American 14.1 Championships that ended today? Seems to me a guy who can run 625 balls and many over 300 and 400 should have way the best of it since the highest run at this event was a little over 200.

    SVB vs Chang Update Thread

    Tap, Tap, Tap. Very well said and I have changed my mind now and totally agree with the above comments.

    SVB vs Chang Update Thread

    They tied at 115 and agreed to a race to 40 so the race was extended. It is based on the final score of the match. I have never seen in football where team a is +3 and are tied at end of regulation where the person who got +3 wins the bet. As a result I do not agree with Chang wins when he...

    US Open 9-ball updates thread..

    Is this a seeded tournament? I didn't see any big players playing each other in the first round.

    Allison vs Jean?

    As I recall Jean won thirteen women tournaments in a row. She started playing in the Open Division with the men and she started beating some of the best players. As a result the Professional Billiard Association (PBA) formed the Mens Professional Billiard Association (MPBA) for the sole...

    Arizona Open - U.S. Pro Billiard Series

    Live Stream is absolutely horrible Friday night. Can't watch it for 30 seconds and it freezes. CSI and predator need to improve this or don't live stream it.

    Arizona Open - U.S. Pro Billiard Series


    Arizona Open - U.S. Pro Billiard Series

    Mines working great with commentary.

    Danbuilt Six Point Cue 725.00 Shipped

    DanBuilt Six Point Cue 3 high and 3 low with 2 veneers in each point. Butt: 29" Completely straight. Although the finish is in good shape there are many little dings (see pics) and needs to be refinished to look great Shaft 1: 29" Very Slight wobble but certainly playable 12.00 MM Kamui...

    Dennis 10 pack vs SVB from last match is now on Youtube!

    Magic rack and pattern racking makes it much easier to run racks. A 11 pack before magic racks and pattern racking is much more difficult since there is no guarantee you will make a ball on the break and patterns are more random. See my comment by Richardson below.

    SJM Sizes Up the World Pool Championship

    I enjoyed the winner break format with several matches having a comeback to win which made it exciting to watch. Do you feel at the Pro lever there should be more winner break matches? You have seen many matches for alternate break and winner break and as a result your opinion is appreciated.

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Even though the film was stopped I don't think it ended there. I wouldn't be surprised if he kicked the guy once he as down a few times to make sure he wasn't getting up again.

    Winner Breaks..

    It is much more exciting to watch winner breaks since you always have a chance to come back. When you get 3 or 4 behind in alternate break its about impossible to win unless your opponent starts dogging it real bad. "the Macho One" has nothing to do with it. When I am talking about losers it...

    Winner Breaks..

    It was always winner breaks and then somebody figured out if was alternate break more people would play in a tournament and this would make a bigger prize fund. I have always said alternate break was to get the losers to play since they would get to shoot every other game. I have heard lots of...

    To glove or not to glove

    I wear a glove for consistency. Regardless of the weather (hot, cold, raining or dry) a glove plays consistently.

    Dime Radius or Nickel Radius?

    I shape my SS Black Kamui to a dime knowing it will be a nickel after a few hours of play.

    Anyone heard from Bob Danielson

    Robert Danielson is a great guy. I will PM him on Facebook. I have bought several of his SS360-2 shafts and am waiting for a 3rd one. Let me know if he doesn't contact you within the next 24 hours please. I don't think you will need to make a dispute.

    Is Schmidt's and charlie 626 Legit

    I have a friend of mine watch John's show a few days ago and he didn't sign anything.

    Should the live streamer have stopped filming Billy's match when the verbal back-and-forth began?

    The streamer goes on! Billy realized the contract he signed with Cuetec didn't allow this type of behavior. I also believe Cuetec would of done the same thing if it was SVB. When your a player rep you need to show pool in a positive light at all times.

    Is Schmidt's and charlie 626 Legit

    Danny would you take Nick Varner's word for it if he saw the unedited run and confirmed it?