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  1. donny mills

    My fargo rate is not accurate

    At derby city 9ball I beat orcollo 9-6, melling 9-8 and Bergman 9-8. These matches were on video. But because the tournament director didn’t take match scores the scores will not be used towards Fargo Ratings. But meanwhile a shit tournament in my hometown played on gaffed up buckets (one match...
  2. donny mills

    Mosconi cup 2016.

    Which tournaments will be mosconi cup points events in 2016?
  3. donny mills

    Mike Howerton Jerry Forsyth.

    I was curious how many individual hits did you get on azbilliards yesterday?
  4. donny mills

    US open player list

    Anyone know where to find the us open players list?
  5. donny mills

    I didn't go to turning stone.

    I didn't go to turning stone. I'm in Florida. That's a different D Mills. What are the odds.
  6. donny mills

    TAR commentators.

    Who is the guy commentating with Ken?
  7. donny mills

    Chat blocked on Ustream

    Someone blocked my IP address on Ustream. So I can't use the chat on any of the matches. I like to buy all of the TAR matches. It's just not as fun without the chat. There was no reason to block me lol. Especially considering I've never used profanity. Will someone please unblock me? This is...
  8. donny mills

    Chat box on stream

    My chat box on the stream is just a blank white box. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  9. donny mills

    Chat box on stream

    My chat box shows up as just a white blank box. I see no chat. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  10. donny mills

    Allen Hopkins of Allen jr.

    What kind of balls will be used at your 10ball tournament next month. What kind of cue ball? Measle or red circle? Thanks.
  11. donny mills

    Contacting Allen Hopkins

    Anybody know Allen's phone number?
  12. donny mills

    Us open 10ball dates

    Does anybody know the exact dates of the us open 10 ball in Vegas this year?
  13. donny mills

    US Open player list

    Does anyone know if there is a us open player list that can be viewed online?
  14. donny mills

    Mike Capone contact info

    Does anybody have mike capones phone number?
  15. donny mills

    Close pool hall near turning stone

    Anyone know if there are any pool halls close by there?
  16. donny mills

    Chat on TAR

    I keep getting a white blank screen for the chat box on fire fox, google chome and internet explorer for the svb/orcollo match. I can watch the match but no chat. Any ideas?
  17. donny mills

    Joe Douglas?

    Does anybody know whatever happened to Joe douglas? What has he been doing the last 15 years? He had a poolroom in florida for a short period of time back in the mid 90's. I went in there a few times and played him cards and pool. He closed it down and I never saw him again.
  18. donny mills

    Espn 2 - pool on right now.

    Mens Challenge of champions is on right now.
  19. donny mills

    Favorite accu-stat commentator quotes

    I've been meaning to post this for a couple weeks and Cali reds thread reminded me to do it. Here are 3 of my favorites that come to mind. 1. Billy Incardona commentating over his match with Tony ellin right has Tony has 3 balls left to shoot for the win of the match "I normally wouldn't make...
  20. donny mills

    Different tables different deflection?

    I only play pool in a handful of places and I've noticed that two of these places I tend to over cut cut shots when using a little outside English. This happens to me at qmasters at the end of the week when it's packed in there. And it happens on this boingy gold crown here in my home town. I...