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    Quick and dirty CNC

    Anyone out there know anything about this offering from fleabay? Of course I would prefer verified facts but will listen to rumors that have the...
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    The Hustler - once more with feeling

    For those of you who have not yet completed your required 500 viewings:) MoviesTV Network will be airing on: Thur - Sep 14 - 5PM Eastern. Schedule: Enjoy. Dale
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    Kersenbrock -info

    I got a call from a friend inquiring about David. Some one contacted him asking for contact info and/or a source to authenticate his very early Kersh cue. So, alive or dead? Southwest for authentication? Others? Any and all leads, hints, clues or reasonable suggestions would be much...
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    Calling KJ

    You might want to meander over to the Main Forum and check out my reply to the latest and greatest post from your new best friend... or not Dale
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    6 Gold Crowns

    6 Gold Crown IIs - $700 each Five 9 footers, one 8ft Tables are located in Dayton, Ohio. They were in a pool room for the past 25-ish years. Well maintained and cared for. No issues. All parts match. Listing for a friend - contact by PM. Dale
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    Question for Those Who Know Their Rambows

    I have an old Hoppe Pro - circa 1964. Like every other Hoppe I've ever seen, the length of the points vary by upwards of a full inch - and you can see the seam of the leather wrap from across the room. Typical of that era - but would likely trigger a nervous breakdown in today's cue buyers. So...
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    Thank you chuckpilegis

    I just received the Steady Rest Chuck built. Mine was the HF version. Anyone who has a mini lathe of any type(and who doesn't) - you WANT one of these. It is a well thought out, and well executed jig that I am sure has potential for much more than just preventing the back end of a shaft going...
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    Prather fibre ferrules

    Has anyone used them? I noticed Prather is offering their version of the old fibre ferrule. Does anybody have first hand experience with this material? I am thinking mostly of how well tips glue to it, we all know the trials of gluing, or trying to glue to the slick Chinese stuff. The old...
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    Blud tap

    Is there a tap available for Blud's shafts? I saw a 3/8 -11 1/2 on Atlas site. Is that the one? Thanks for any help. Dale
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    Lucasi bumpers source

    I have a Lucasi in for a re-wrap - it has a bon-bon bumper much like Atlas and others sell, but it is 7/8 instead of 1 inch. Anyone know where/how to buy a bunch of these bumpers? Thanks Dale
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    retest pix

    once more with feeling
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    New old Carom table in southwest Ohio

    For all us 3C/Carom players in the southwestern part of Ohio, Michaels Billiards in Fairfield has recently installed a refurbuished antique,<T-rail> Carom Billiard table. Michaels is located about 20 minuets northwest of downtown Cincinnati. Phone is 513-860-0044. You can check out the room's...
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    New old carom table in southwest Ohio

    For all us 3C/Carom players in the southwestern part of Ohio, Michaels Billiards in Fairfield has recently installed a refurbuished antique,<T-rail> Carom Billiard table. Some good news for the 3C players, the table has Simonis 300 carom cloth and a heater for the slate. Michaels is located...
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    Ivory Sale in Africa

    Link to an article about a recent sale of legal ivory. Dale
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    Old Yellow Westinghouse Micarta

    I have posted in Wanted/For Sale offering Micarta ferrule and joint stock. link: Thanks Dale
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    yadda, yadda.....
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    Old Yellow Westinghouse Micarta

    After way too many false starts - broken hearts - and pretenders to the throne... the real deal is now available. As some of you know, I have sold ferrule stock to a few AZB Cuemakers and collectors. Just in time to beat the late summer rush, I've added the absolutely required elements to sell...
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    test w/pics

    Old Yellow
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    Ryan Stone vs Tommie 'Blackie' Stevenson - Action at Michaels

    One Pocket matchup for 1000 jellybeans. They started about 10:30 Thurs nite. 513-860-0044 Friday for results, gossip, etc Dale
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    Michaels Billiards - a new lease on life

    Got a call from Mike Medley tonight. He ask me to let all the folks in AZland know that he is: 1. NOT closing 2. Not moving He has just struck a new deal for the lease to the space. 17 years and counting in Fairfield. Mike asked to say thanks to all the AZers who had posted kind words about...