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  1. poolcuemaster

    Danny Basavitch

    Anybody know how to get in touch with Danny or his friend (manager) I just need to chat with him.--Leonard
  2. poolcuemaster

    Any Interest

    I have a Kid Delicious Pechaur cue I bought from Danny at Derby City after he won a match with the cue 7 or 8 years ago and has never been played with again that I would like to sell. Can do Pictures if needed.--Leonard
  3. poolcuemaster

    dc speed control

    several years ago my box for the dc motor only runs full speed all the time so can I fix by myself like fuse potentionomer od resistor. I bought a dc speed control from dave 38 and recently this happened. anyway to test this dave has not responded. -- leonard leonard
  4. poolcuemaster

    steve klapp

    Has anyone heard from Steve lately, is he ok?--Leonard
  5. poolcuemaster

    Diamond 7 foot Smart table

    looking for a table, will pay shipping-- Leonard
  6. poolcuemaster

    Need 2 buy 2 tips

    A local player just bought my last hard Tallisman pro tip and liked it so I need two spares, will paypal.--Leonard
  7. poolcuemaster

    I heard at the local poolroom

    That Kevin Varney passed away on wenesday, rest in peace.-Leonard
  8. poolcuemaster

    Where is Earl

    After shooting so well in New York area a few months back Earl didn't play at Turning Stone or DCC. I don't think he ever liked the DCC format to much, He usually got started raking the table real early in matches there, but is Earl ok and still in New Jersey area? Leonard
  9. poolcuemaster

    Looking for a Smart Shaft

    Straight and close to 13 mm for a 5/16 14 piloted pin, please pm me.--Leonard
  10. poolcuemaster

    Looking for a delta 13 elite

    Please send me a price and color and must be by paypal.--Leonard
  11. poolcuemaster

    Wanted to buy

    I am looking for a new or in great shape Hager cue extension, have paypal and ready to deal.--Leonard
  12. poolcuemaster

    Need a J and J break shaft

    One of the players at my homeroom has a cracked shaft on there J@J break cue and wants a shaft, this shaft has no collar.--Leonard
  13. poolcuemaster

    Where can We Watch

    All of the Mosconi Cup matches ?--Leonard
  14. poolcuemaster

    I cant find Cuebuddy or Cuebux

    I need some more canvas phenolic rod for break ferrules and cuebuddy has no items listed on ebay now so I can't even send him a message. Do any of you have any contact info for him or has he closed up shop, if so where is the next best place to buy a few feet of black and brown.--Thanks...
  15. poolcuemaster

    TAR not working

    I have tried to watch the reno stream about 20 times today with no luck is anyone else having trouble?--Leonard
  16. poolcuemaster

    TAR rocks with a free roll this weekend

    I was looking at the site yesterday and saw that TAR's Christmas present to all of us is a free weekend loop of the SVB and Alex match from a month or so back. I had bought the live feed but got sleepy and missed some of the first two days action and was able to catch up. I just wanted to let...
  17. poolcuemaster

    Nova Buttcap

    I sold a real nice Nova cue to a local player about 18 months ago and last week his younger brother jabbed the floor and busted the buttcap. I know that Nubs has been retired for a while but I don't know if anyone bought out his shop and might have a buttcap they will sell, any info will...
  18. poolcuemaster

    Just traded for

    A predator BK break cue with linen wrap and 314 shaft, this is not a BK 2 and I was wandering what it is worth. Clean and solid cue around 90% I gyess just a couple very small dings.--Leonard
  19. poolcuemaster

    2 AZ'ers in hotseat

    Looking at the APA Amateur brackets it shows 2 azers Ron Parks (one2nine) and David Uwate (uwate) are the hotseat players. I have known Ron for many years and he has played in my tournaments many times so I'll be pulling for Ronny but if David beats him it will be cool cause he will have earned...
  20. poolcuemaster

    Go Hennesy and Lining in the 3 o'clock round

    Knock them ABP (gotta be seeded) players over to the losers side.--Leonard Antonio Linning did his part