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  1. azdiamondbacks1

    WTB: Mcdermott P Model cue

    Looking for one of the ones numbered to 35 with sharp points. Such as P705. Anyone have one available ?
  2. azdiamondbacks1

    Wtb: Predator BK2 or BK3 break butt

    Found several. thanks.
  3. azdiamondbacks1

    Cuetec Propel Jump Cue

    found one thanks.
  4. azdiamondbacks1

    Wtb: Predator 314/3 with Victory Tip

    Please send me a pm if you have one available. Thank you !
  5. azdiamondbacks1

    Predator Ikon 2-7 with choice of Shaft

    Like New Predator Ikon 2-7 cue. Have Pech Rogue wvp, Revo 12.4 bvp, 314/2 or 314/3 From $800 to $1050 depending on which shaft/ shafts you would like with it. $700 for Butt only. Please text me at 520-331-1375 for pics if you are interested as i don't get on here often Thanks for looking !
  6. azdiamondbacks1

    WTB: Predator bk2 / bk3 or similar Break Butt only with Sport grip

    Anyone have an extra butt laying around ? Please send a pm if you do. thank you
  7. azdiamondbacks1

    WTB: Jacoby Blackout Break Cue

    Anyone have one available for purchase ?
  8. azdiamondbacks1

    Wtb: Kielwood Diveney or Richard Hsu Shaft Radial

    12.5 ish, 29" or 30" ok. Prefer LBM ferrule. Anyone have one available ? Thanks for reading.
  9. azdiamondbacks1

    Sold BK Rush Red version Like New $615 Shipped

    All original and unregistered. Wrapless. No marks. Straight send me a pm if you would like to see picture of Break Cue. $615 shipped USPS Priority Mail.
  10. azdiamondbacks1

    WTB: Special Scruggs or MC Cue

    Work giving me a Christmas Bonus. I'd like to buy a special Scruggs or MC Cue. Up to 7k to spend. I have seen the ones advertised around. Anyone have a closet queen available for purchase ? Please send me a picture or two and your asking price to 520-331-1375 Thanks for reading. Scott.
  11. azdiamondbacks1

    WTB: Predator Willie Hoppe Cue

    Please send me a pm if you have available for purchase. Thanks for reading.
  12. azdiamondbacks1

    predator bk2 break butt wanted

    Found one. thanks.
  13. azdiamondbacks1

    WTB: Diveney Sneaky butterfly style cue with Radial joint

    If anyone has one available please send me a few pics and your asking price to 520-331-1375 Cash ready. Thanks for reading, Scott.
  14. azdiamondbacks1

    Alex Brick Diamond wood Jump / Break Shaft only

    Listing is for a great looking Solid Alex Brick Diamond wood shaft. 7.33 oz. 3/8 x 10 threads. G10 tipless ferrule. Straight and no nicks. i lost the butt. My loss is your gain. i have (2) 12" jump handles which could be offered for sale for $75 each if you wanted a complete jump cue...
  15. azdiamondbacks1

    wtb: :Predator Bk2 linen or sport wrap butt

    As mentioned above i am looking for a solo bk2 linen or sport wrap butt only. post office lost mine. Anyone have one available please send me a pm . Thank you.
  16. azdiamondbacks1

    wtb poison break cue

    Butt or full cue is fine. please text me some photos of what you have to if you would please. Thanks for reading.
  17. azdiamondbacks1

    Southwest cue Cocobolo and Pau Ferro $4300

    Southwest cue Cocobolo and Pau Ferro $old $old and $hipped
  18. azdiamondbacks1

    southwest cue on ebay
  19. azdiamondbacks1

    Predator BK2 Break Cue Cheap

    For Sale: Predator BK2 wrapless break cue with hard maple non predator shaft. well used condition with a number of blemishes under finish. Breaks them really well. Sold pending payment please send me a text to 520-331-1375 if you want to see some photos.
  20. azdiamondbacks1

    BK Rush Shaft Like New $450 shipped

    All original, no issues. Can't get photos to upload but you all know what it is anyway. Please send me a pm if your interested. Thanks for looking !