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  1. pwd72s

    64 years old Danny Deliberto vs. Wade Crane

    found on pocket match from 1999.
  2. pwd72s

    European Tour-another Mika

    Believe the stop is in Holland for this one. Billy Thorp vs. a young Mika Van Berkel. Only a 40 minutes march, but very enjoyable. Hoping we hear more about Mika in the future. Hell of a straight stroke.
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    A magical time yesterday

    After a year away from the table due to covid shutdowns, I was becoming disheartened. The previous trips it was like I'd never held a cue before. But today, it was different. Near the end of hours of playing, I finally caught a gear! Started out my usual terrible...felt like I couldn't make a...
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    20 years ago

    2001 Accustats 8 ball invitational. Efren Reyes vs. Roger Griffis. Race to 8. In the booth..Billy Incardona and Tony Annigoni Hellofa match..and I thought Tony did a great job in the Booth. Final thought: I kind of liked the zebra striped 8 ball with all other balls traditional and...
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    1996 Seniors tour

    Steve Miserak vs, Toby Sweet. First time I'd seen video of Sweet. Billy & Grady their "feuds: Anyway..hell of a match. Triamgle rack, maple shafts, no fighting about the rack. Loved it! Just great old time pool. Anybody here with memories of Toby Sweet? One hour, 45...
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    Silly Question

    But I'm going to ask it anyway. Prompted by the thread about top pros dropping out of a tournament over a sponsorship dispute. Has anyone here selected their playing cue mainly because a pro uses the same brand?
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    For Team USA

    An old show tune came to mind. Offered with a smile. :) Always next year, boys... You Gotta Have Heart - YouTube
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    Jean Balukus Vs. Ewa

    Old video..poor focus & sound. 1987. I wonder if Jay remembers working this one? Glad I found it. I'd heard lots about Balukus, but never saw her play. JEAN BALUKAS vs EWA MATAYA --- 87' Classic CUP --- WOMEN's FINAL - YouTube
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    A Halloween tale

    With a deadly pool game. Yes, the shots are cliche', done in every bad pool movie...but this episode of the old "chiller" TV series is fun...
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    Filler at 13

    I found this fun to watch...hope others here do also.
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    Wiktor Zeilinski

    I'm sure I'm late to the party. Surfing the web for matches, I came across this. I was impressed with this young gun from of these years, I think he'll make the Europe Mosconi Cup team. He's already a force to be reckoned with. Here he is vs, Albin...Strickland commentator...
  12. pwd72s

    1986..Nick Varner Jose Garcia Danny Medina

    Atlantic city..two matches. Tough conditions..slow cloth, TV cameraman waving a lens at you behind the pocket you're shooting at. History.
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    Fun Video

    Pros testing a $10 Wal-Mart cue...
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    Old Match..Reyes/Archer

    I guess the virus thing has a sort of silver lining. Watching old pool match videos, I found this gem of archer/efren, both in their prime. The old winner breaks format, it ended in a hill-hill thriller. The last rack a defensive battle like I've never seen. The announcers got a bit annoying...
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    Best commentator yet!

    One who really knows the game and is spot on at saying what the shooter is doing. Earl Strickland calling a Shane vs. Corey match...
  16. pwd72s

    One for Jay Helfert...

    Jay, weren't you around Modesto when Kim Davenport played? Just finished watching this thriller between Kim and a young Johnny Archer. Had to be slower cloth than used today. The different equipment sure didn't lessen the drama of this one. Glad I found it...
  17. pwd72s

    You'll never get better...

    ....unless you play for money. Don't know how many times I've been told that by people wanting to "play for cheap". I tell them, that's okay, that I enjoy being a low level recreational player. Then I add if they really want to play for money, I could call my honorary nephew. (He's no...
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    Silicone wrap?

    Another posting board I go to had some of the bicycle guys raving about this stuff. Then I remembered some of the weird looking cue wraps used by Earl, SVB, and others. I wonder...
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    Not pool related

    But good enough info that I hope the mods allow it to stay. How to make a face mask using a shop towel. No sewing needed..
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    Maybe a sticky here?

    Would be nice to be able to go to one place and read of cancelled pool events...