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  1. RascalDoc

    Wes Hunter Not so merry Widow

    This cue is not so merry because she's been a closet queen for too long. Coco that's REAL fiery.... 18.7 ounces and close to 13MM. SOLD n to trades as wel
  2. RascalDoc

    Wes Hunter Not so merry Widow

    This cue is not so merry because she's been a closet queen for too long. Coco that's REAL fiery.... 18.7 ounces and close to 13MM. $600. Cash to trades as well
  3. RascalDoc

    Josey Cue

    I'm lookin........ I'm in good shape to is slim...... Thanks
  4. RascalDoc


    Not much information in the title.... sorry about that. My buddy is looking for a cue with a handle, that is NOT round. Specifically an octagon shaped grip. Predator? Longoni? Anyone have one they want to part with at a reasonable price? I know I know... reasonable is a very broad term and...
  5. RascalDoc

    looking for a Josey

    Got an itch to try a Josey. Have several cues, and cases, I'm willing to trade. Anyone have one ?? Wrapless??
  6. RascalDoc

    show your favorite veneers for an Ebony forearm

    Need to decide .... PH points, ebony forearm...... GO
  7. RascalDoc

    Joey Bautista Merry Widow

    ]SOLD && SOLDt I got this cue from Joey about 3 weeks ago. I went the extra premium for Brazilian Rosewood and he used a real nice piece of bacote for the handle. It also has his signature rings. Two shafts , both 13mm , one was chalked for test hits, and tested for a few racks. I'm going to...
  8. RascalDoc

    New addition

    Joeyincali cue. Bacote and Brazilian rosewood. Two nice shafts. Enjoy the pics. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  9. RascalDoc

    curious/would like to find

    wrapless, ebony handle, someone traded dave buss a josey for it. info?? Also interested in other cues with similar designs, ( inlaid with a cross) and have multiple cues I would trade Pete Omen has made a couple I've seen and I have attached a photo of one of them
  10. RascalDoc


    I know this az'er from past transactions. He had three cues listed for sale. The thread is gone. How can I find out what happened? Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  11. RascalDoc

    Mezz UJ8p

    Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  12. RascalDoc

    Spider Webb Cue

    This cue is really a eye catcher. Pretty veneered Butterfly and traditional points. Ebony front and back, Leather wrap, sharkskin I think. Wrap has one small spot that the wrap has a very minor separation or pinhole. Looks like a tiny white spot in the photo, and in person. I can feel the...
  13. RascalDoc

    Mezz UJ8p

    *SOLD SOLD SOLD* Mezz cue lots of inlays, Woods used are BEM, ebony, and brown and white micarta (I think) Butt 15.2 oz, linen wrap. Shaft 1- WD700, 3.8 oz, chalk on the tip from going in and out of a case, but basically, new. Shaft 2- WD700, 4.2 oz, this was used as the playing...
  14. RascalDoc

    Mezz Cue UJ9P

    Ebony butt and forearm, UJ9P United joint 5/16th x 14 Butt 14.6 oz Mezz original shaft 4.5 oz Discontinued model, purchased as new and played for a couple hours. Shafts have never seen a lathe to my knowledge. Butt had an all black linen wrap added by Ted Harris when I contemplated keeping...
  15. RascalDoc

    Jon Spitz maple and rosewood WWS/WTT $750.00

    +++ TRADED This is a one of a kind, wood joint, beauty. Fiddleback lightly stained maple with inlays I think are rosewood. This cue hits beautifully with a 13 mm shaft and a micarta ferrel. It is around the 19 ounce mark. You don't want to miss out on this cue, it only has one shaft. I'm...
  16. RascalDoc

    What colors and inlay materials go well with Tulipwood?

    Here's a matched player and b/j cue of mine. They are both heavy woods, as you've already been told. Pete worked hard bringing down the weight and they are still close to 20oz Sent from my SM-T800 using Tapatalk
  17. RascalDoc

    Billy Webb shaft.

    Just checking to see if I can find one out there 3/8 by 10 and one of his shafts Sent from my SM-G925T using Tapatalk
  18. RascalDoc

    2 mezz cuea

    Moved with better pictures and prices [
  19. RascalDoc

    JW Petree matched pair

    JWPetree matched pair. Update-the postman made it. Cues are sold Player Ebony, Tulipwood and curley maple. Forearm has 5 long points of ebony into curley maple. Elongated star inlays. Double metal rings at the joint, both ends of the tulipwood handle and at the buttsleeve. Radial pin...
  20. RascalDoc

    Willie hoppe professional

    SOLD***By having been online and seeing the post 4 minutes after the listing I wound up with this cue. Now I find that the cue doesn't work for me. Too fat and too heavy. I had hoped for a better fit. The cue was sold, I thought. That didn't work out. .Here is the quote from the original...