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    Funny little Johnny Archer story....

    ^^^^^ great story👍
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    shooting with inside

    You should be able to make it with any or no english comfortably based on position requirements If you had to cinch it for 1 million dollars I dont think many top players ( cj wiley excluded) Would use inside as their number 1 way to make the shot.....icbw Straightlines comment above regarding...
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

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    Funny little Johnny Archer story....

    here is a short version of a long story regarding Johnny archer i was at the first tunica event i had a copy of shots moves and strategies by eddie robbins (i think or winning one pocket..i dont feel like going to look...sorry ) and was going around getting the autographs of the pros there i am...
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    Misses Begat Misses

    I took a lesson with mike and he said talking about warming up and hitting easy shots (paraphrasing) i know how to play i just need to loosen up and watch the balls go in the hole
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    How "official" snooker pockets are checked

    Very interesting bob thanks for the link
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    Beware of Scammer

    thanks fpr the heads up
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    Amazing BILLIARDS PHYSICS in Super Slow Motion

    Thanks for the video dr dave Always educational and presented in a very professional way👍👍
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    Best medium tip?

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    Need professional instructor

    Check your pm
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    how would you shoot this shot?

    Fran i will have to ask him next time more specifically what he meant by center ball yes i was extrapolating/assuming my bad
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    how would you shoot this shot?

    Stun shot firm enough to make it
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    how would you shoot this shot?

    Dead center sean see my reply to jv
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    how would you shoot this shot?

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    how would you shoot this shot?

    I showed the post to a top level player He said he would shoot it with center ball
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    Need professional instructor

    Yes Thats him Highly recommended
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    Need professional instructor

    Robin Dreyer in beaverton Demetrius Jelatis (Tin Man) in minesota Both are great
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    Stats -- Gorst vs. de Luna 10-Ball Race to 100, January 2021

    Thanks for taking the time to analyze the match and posting the results. 👍👍😃😃
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    Fun 9-ball shots

    Very entertaining bob Thanks for posting that 👍
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Thanks ...👍