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    Original Predator 314 shaft

    I hope you are having a good day. I am looking to buy an Original Predator 314 shaft 5/16x14 shaft black collar silver ring. I realize there are newer shafts available, and different brands available, but that is what I have always played with. I would like to continue to play with these, if...
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    Snooker Cue

    Good Afternoon: WTB 2 piece Snooker Cue 9 or 10 mm tip If you have one and willing to ship to Winnipeg Canada please let me know what you would like for it.
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    Telescopic Pool Cue Rest with Moosehead

    Looking for a telescopic pool cue rest with a Moosehead bridge. Please advise cost including shipping to Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada Thanks similar to this:
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    Wanted 5/16 x 14 Joint Protectors

    Looking for nice set of Joint Protectors for my Schon Cue. The present ones I have are starting to show the years of use for almost 10 years. They are Solid Black with Silver ring to match my cue. Please advise asap what the cost would be including shipping to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I...
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    Wanted Original Predator 314 5/16 x 14 Shaft

    Just wondering if anyone has a new or nearly new ORIGINAL Predator 314 Shaft with a 5-16 x 14 shaft... Mine has become a little worn after all the years of playing & having it cleaned. And would really like to get a new one if possible. Please advise asap what the cost would be including...
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    Diamond 3 1/2 x 7 tables

    Hey there. I am just wondering if there is anyone in Western Canada (BC) who is looking to sell their 3.5 x 7 Diamond Table. The Legion, that I am a member at, is looking to buy at least 1 Diamond table. Please, if you know of any for sale please let me know at when you...
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    Original 314 shaft

    I am looking to buy an Original 314 shaft for my P3 Predator Cue with a Uni-lock Joint. If you could advise what it would cost to send it to Winnipeg, Manitoba it would be appreciated. Thanks Gord
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    BCAPL - Canadian Open Series - Winnipeg

    The BCA Pool Leagues and Aactive Pool League are pleased to announce the 4th Annual $10,000 added BCAPL Canadian Open Series - Winnipeg, Mb The tournament will take place at the Transcona Country Club and will be played on 40 7’ Diamond Pool Tables. Please see the attached link for Tournament...
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    Jacoby Cue for Sale

    Rarely used, never chalked Jacoby cue for sale... I find myself in a tough spot where I have to sell by relatively new Jacoby cue... I purchased the cue approximately 1 year ago direct from Jacoby cues for $1,000 Willing to sell for $700 or best offer. I also had an extension put in it to...
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    Bonus Ball

    For those of you wishing information on this great new game, you need to go to You will find alot of great info on the developments of the game and the an amazing demonstration video featuring the great Johnny Archer and Erik Hjorleifson
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    Never used Jacoby Cue...

    Please see the link below for pictures of this fine cue that has not been used. The cue also has an extension in it and custom made joint protectors... If interested please message me so you can see this cue... Willing to sell at the...
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    Joint protectors

    Morning, I have not been on these boards in quite awhile.... Hope all is well with my fellow AZ'rs.... I am looking for a set of nice joint protectors for my new cue... Joint is a 3/8 x 11..... The cue has black, green and cocobolo in it.. Any ideas.. Please either send pm or msg me at...
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    Diamond Pool Table

    :) I am enquiring if anyone knows what the cost of a "Diamond Pool Table" would cost to be shipped to Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada... What accessories are there for it? This is a serious inquiry, as I recently played at the B.C.A.'s (last week) in Las Vegas and I realize now what is needed to...
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    Looking for help

    Ladies & Gentlemen... I am looking to purchase the following for an upcoming fundraiser to benefit our pool teams travel to Las Vegas for the B.C.A.'s in May/2008... We are willing to spend approx $500... Please send me a private message if you are able to fulfull the following: 1. Good...
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    Looking for help

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    Looking for help

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    JJ Break cues

    I was just wondering if there is anyone has some JJ jump/break cues available for sale? I am looking to acquire 6-12 cues in the next week or so.. Would prefer to have shipping included to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada All cues must have phenolic tips... If you could please private message me...
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    :D :D :D :D :D Another great transaction from Chrisonline.... Received the case & cues from Chris as he said... We had a problem with Canada Customs that delayed the delivery longer than expected. :mad: It was beyond his control... I wish to thank Chris for all his patience... He is a...
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    Terminator Jump Cue

    I recently purchased a great Break/Jump Cue so therefore I have no need for my other GREAT jump cue. With the titanium ferrule and phenolic tip, it makes jumping balls a snap.... I have only had it for a short period of time... If interested let me know.... $85 plus shipping... It is almost...
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    Brunswick 4’ x 8’ pool table

    For Sale: Brunswick 4’ x 8’ pool table, mint condition, for sale Solid oak construction, 1” Slate playing surface, Dark green cloth, Leather pockets Includes: Brass floor stand with bridge and 4 cues (3-57” and 1-52”) 1 set of balls, full & partial racks, 2 surface brushes, table cover If...