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  1. belvederebill1

    Deno J. Andrews or someone else?

    My friend purchased a Rambow cue and wants to get it authenticated. I heard Deno J. Andrews was the authority on them but I want a second opinion. Is he the guy to ask? Also I have no idea how to reach him. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. belvederebill1

    New Cuetec cases

    Has anyone seen the new Cuetec cases that are coming out next month? I have seen the soft case SVB carries but I can't find any pictures of their hard 2 x 4 case. Anyone got any pictures?
  3. belvederebill1

    Brunswick Master Stroke

    I'm looking for an old Master Stroke cue by Brunswick. I'm not looking for something perfect or the $600+ ones on E-Bay. Must be able to ship and have lots of pictures.
  4. belvederebill1

    Places to play in Kalamazoo, MI

    I saw this was asked back in 2012. Well all of the recommended placed are gone. I'm heading up there at the end of the month and looking for a place with good equipment. Any recommendations would be helpful!! I have a place south of Kalamazoo but I'm willing to make the drive for some good tables.
  5. belvederebill1


    I just purchased this Helmstetter and the seller said it was an H5. I know enough about this brand to be dangerous. I'm hoping someone in this community might have one of their brochures and an idea what year it was made. The owner said he has had this for the last 20 years. I plan on keeping...
  6. belvederebill1

    Solid Ebony cue case!

    Hi Guys, I have been working on this case for the better part of a year. It took me 3 months just to find Ebony boards wide enough to make this pool cue case! I was asked to make this out of solid Ebony and Ivory with a real fur interior. Before you say anything, I know in the states Ivory is...
  7. belvederebill1

    1920s Wendt 9'

    Good morning junkies of all things billiards! I picked up a 1920s Wendt 9' (Grand) table over the weekend and have had a very hard time finding anything out about the table. My local expert who has restored and sold several over the years is stumped on this as well. What veneer was used on this...
  8. belvederebill1

    Is this a Brunswick???

    I found this antique table for sale, circa 1918 and the owner said it's a Brunswick. I haven't seen the table in person and have yet to get a picture of the badge. I contacted Brunswick and they don't have this leg design on file. Their files include every table they have ever made! Has anyone...
  9. belvederebill1

    vintage pool table question

    Hi gang, I'm looking at buying a 1920s table and it is partially dissembled. The slate appears to be original but the corners and where the side pocket would be are hard cutouts. In the corners there should be a curved cut but this is square. I have seen a lot of old tables but never saw slate...
  10. belvederebill1

    who made this table??

    Does anyone know who made this table?? Modern construction with Italian slate. This one is 8' and the table light looks to have been made buy the table builder. There are no markings at all on this thing. Please help
  11. belvederebill1


    I was shown a new game over the weekend called "Hooks" and was wondering if anyone might have the rules written down somewhere. It is a safety game using a 10 ball rack and you only try to "hook" your opponent and NOT sink balls. Every time you succeed you get a point. With the game only being a...
  12. belvederebill1

    Cue case parts

    I've been making cases for a few years now and I have always made the trays to hold the cue sections. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a company that makesthe trays for box cases. Thanks for any help!