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  1. strtshtr

    video run of 60

    ran 60 the other day. the balls weren't cooperating all that much, so it involved a lot of work. have a look if you like thanks, jim
  2. strtshtr

    56 ball run video

    56 & 64 ball run videos caught a 56 ball run on video yesterday have a look if you like ....and a 64 today thanks, jim
  3. strtshtr

    at least it's not another 42 ball run- new video

    seems like it had been raining 42's lately, having posted three on vimeo in the last three or four weeks. played today for the first time in two weeks and did one better, literally. if you care to watch, my 43 ball run is at vimeo for viewing- thanks, jim
  4. strtshtr

    new video- another 42

    not bad, not great have a look if you have a few minutes to kill thanks, jim
  5. strtshtr

    first video- 42 ball run

    caught a little run on video- posted on vimeo got into trouble immediately in rack 3, first two shots featuring unintended bumps. managed to scramble through and even wound up with a decent end sequence, only to screw it up overdrawing to my key ball have a look if...
  6. strtshtr

    my new titlist!!

    I just took possession of my new stick, a Titlist conversion from Greg Kucharski, . I have wanted a cue from Greg for some time, and have always wanted a Titlist, so when the planets aligned, I couldn't resist. As I expected, Greg was terrific to work with. My stick is the one in the center...
  7. strtshtr

    test pics

    [IMG] the following pics are too large, but show better detail of the butt ends and forearms