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    FS - BreakRak 9ft

    Up for sale is a BreakRak 9ft model. This is the best training tool I've ever used. As you may know SVB's break was molded and formed by this tool. I saw a significant increase in my break speed and accuracy with this tool. As a result of the better breaks, my break and run percentage increased...
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    Do you turn things other than cues on your lathes ?

    There's a decent sized community on Reddit of turners creating all sorts of round objects, but no cue makers. I understand they use mostly hand tools to create these works, where cue makers use tools mounted on the dials (I'm not sure what the term is for this). The appreciation and love for...
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    Natural, relaxed point of address

    I've been setting up the straight in shot with a laser line and hole reinforcers, and I've been noticing lately I carry tension in my shoulders and upper arms in order to orient my cue tip at the point of address to the vertical center of the ball. Would it be beneficial to adjust my stroke, and...
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    What exactly are you looking for when seeing "how the table is breaking"?

    I've heard this term thrown around on here, but no one has ever really gone into specifics of what they're looking at. I am speaking in terms of when breaking, and trying to find the sweet spot that is most conducive to pocketing a ball on the break. Whether it be 8/9/10 ball or 14.1, what are...
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    How would one install a red fiber pad by hand?

    I ordered some red fiber pads because I like the look of them between the tip and ferrule. I would imagine just prep both sides by sanding them flat, glue it to the tip, glue the whole tip +fiber pad unit to the ferrule, then trim and shape the tip. Are there any little tricks to installing...
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    So a table at my work just got recovered and its rails replaced...

    Is there anything I should do on it in terms of drills/skill building to take advantage of the rail's and cloth's new state?
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    How prevalent are bar boxes outside the US?

    Just wondering if I were to stroll into a bar or other fine establishment, would I see a valley/7ft coin operated table in the venue. Where have you seen one outside the US? Edit - Forgot to add that in the UK English Blackball is very widely played so that doesn't need to be said. I'm mainly...
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    The TSA is Planning to Relax Knife Prohibition on Planes

    Effective April 25, 2013. Within this relaxation of what is not allowed... POOL CUES. Pool cues will now be allowed as a carry on item!
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    Imagine making a cue with this lathe
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    Hong Kong seizes more than 8,000 lbs. of ivory worth $26.7 million

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    Our Weekly Chalk Thread

    It's monday, so here we go. :grin: I spotted this in the May edition of Billiards Digest, and I haven't seen much talk about it on here so I'm not sure how many people saw it. Does anyone know when this chalk's going to be released? There's no mention of it on their website. I remember a while...
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    WTB - Aramith Tournament Set

    In the market for this set. Looking for any deals out there. Miiiiiiight consider a lightly used set. Let me know.
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    How to measure a table

    At school we have 8 brunswick pool tables, but I'm not entirely sure what size or make they are. I was under the impression that they were 9', but someone told me that they were not. I brought a tape measure and got 8.5' when I measured from under the rails. When I measured on top where the...
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    Removing an Old Ferrule

    This may seem like a trivial question to cuemakers, but since I'm not a cuemaker I can't manage to figure out how you would go about removing the old ferrule when a customer asks you to replace it. I'm just very curious...
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    Brits and their chalk

    One thing I've noticed from all the video's I have watched with British pool/snooker players is that they never seem to put their chalk on the table between shots like Americans do. I've even seen some go as far as having a little leather chalk holster. I understand snooker players have the...
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    WTB - Ivor-X ferrules

    Just wondering how much would it cost to get a few shipped to me.
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    WTB - Joe Tucker's Racking Secrets DVD

    Title says it all.
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    Making a 1 piece, a 2 piece

    I have a 1 piece cue that I want to be jointed to make a two piece, nothing else. Just a 5/16x14 flat faced wood joint. I've been trying to find contact information for local cue makers in the Orange County, CA area since I would rather drop it off myself than ship the cue. Would you be able to...
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    Making both balls on a combination

    This could probably be a subject of research for Dr. Dave, because I couldn't seem to find any info on it. Say I'm playing 8 ball and my opponent's ball is a hanger and is blocking the pocket and I hit my ball into it to clear the way, but I still want to continue my run by having my ball...
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    Getting ready for a tournament

    I have a 9 ball tournament coming up at my school, and I was wonder what you all do to prepare. I can commit about 3 hours a day to practicing, and I would like to make the most of that 3 hours. Would it be better to do drills or just play rack after rack? Also, what would you suggest to prepare...