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    Tony Annigoni suicide

    I just got word last night about Tony from a mutual friend. I met Tony about 6 or 7 years ago when he was in Fairfield, CA. I didn't know him long but spent quite a bit of time with him as I was also helping him with a couple of projects he had going. He was a character, but I found him to be...
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    Cole Dickson & West Coast Swing

    Are there any members going to Family Billiards in San Francisco this weekend or other West coast swing events? :grin-square:
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    I got hooked bigtime!

    I started spreading my wings and have finally flown the nest of my local bar leagues and weekly tournaments, and recently entered in a couple ProAm and Open tournaments. I feel like a newbie or beginner again, and honestly, it feels great. The environment and atmosphere that the "big boys"...
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    Mezz West State Tour at Billiard Palacade in San Francisco Nov 8-9

    Just wanted to give a heads up to AZB members in and around the bay area about the Mezz West State Tour 10 ball tournament at the Billiard Palacade in San Francisco this weekend. Anyone planning on playing or watching or interested in going? I'll be there to watch and meet some folks.
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    Newbie Adoption/Mentoring

    I'd like to get folks opinion on an idea I have that may help a new person interested in pool, or maybe introduce pool to someone that may not otherwise considered giving the game a try. In addition to pool, I'm a motorcycle enthusiast, and I used to hang out on mc forums which were basically...
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    How does weight effect your ego?

    I personally have no issues giving a person weight when playing for money or fun. I like the added pressure and it makes a win that more sweet to be up against it like that and still persevere. For me, it's a little ego boost and if I do lose, it's like I have a built in excuse. lol I also...
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    Hello, new guy here...

    Hey all, how are ya hittin 'em? Well, I hope! I'm a new member and want to introduce myself. I'm just getting back to playing competitively after many years of occasional ballbanging. I have a lot of ambition with improving my game and I like playing in tournaments and money games. I live...