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  1. dirtypool40

    Amazing Gus Szamboti

    Gorgeous cue. Great chatting and doing business with you.
  2. dirtypool40

    Harry Richards titlist & Centennial - No Longer Available

    Harry Richards titlist & Centennial Truly one of a kind and irreplaceable. Built to (98%??) by Harry Richards, finished after his death by Paul Sumrall. Signed on the forearm, HJR in the ivory Hoppe ring. Gorgeous full splice Hoppe, built from a mid 1940's veneered Brunswick house cue, not...
  3. dirtypool40

    So confusing... Trying to post

    Been a couple years since I was on the forums, family emergency forces sale of a badass cue. Can I post it here? Harry Richards Titlist Full splice Hoppe Radial pin Lizard wrap Finished by Paul Sumrall after Harry's death. Also have a nice matching centennial 1-2 case.
  4. dirtypool40

    Harry Richards Cocobola Player

    Harry Richards Cocobola Player Gorgeous, hand selected piece of Cocobola, turned into an EPIC player by Harry Richards, in 2008. 59" equal split, LŒÞ‹Ù[˜[[˜ÙY [X^š[™È] ˆ...
  5. dirtypool40

    Danny "NIKE" Baugher

    Local player in the Orlando area since the Mid-80's. He'd be mid 40's by now. Not a champion, but a good shot maker, a solid A+ / low open speed gambler. We all called him "NIKE", because we literally never saw him wear ANYTHING besides a Nike T-shirt, which was like a uniform, for...
  6. dirtypool40

    1993 Archer Siegel video Just a great match in its entirety. Grady does the commentary, and they even mention Archer's 13 rack run in Chicago. Archer's pace is good, both play solidly, some great safety skirmishes and the rolls go back and forth. A nice little time capsule.
  7. dirtypool40

    Courple of cool safeties from yesterday

    Haven't been playing much, but got out to hit some for about 2 hours yesterday. I didn't play very well, but a cool style of safety kept popping up, or maybe I was just seeing it for the first time. Anyway, here's a couple of examples. Playing 10-ball. I was left this...
  8. dirtypool40

    Predator $350 shipped

    Pics and details here. LIGHTLY used "Quiet Roller", nearly new, first $350 gets it SHIPPED.
  9. dirtypool40

    Pred "Quiet Roller" - gotta go, gotta go

    Radial Pin, 314-2 shaft, predator soft case. PRICE REDUCED - SPF
  10. dirtypool40

    Older Cue ID, Palmer? Viking?

    Guys I went to play league for the first time in a couple months and a guy had this, said he bought it out of a pawn shop for $20. Sorry for the crappy pics. The cue is in decent playing shape, and has two shafts. It appears to have those plastic veneers (wico?) and ebony points in a medium...
  11. dirtypool40

    SNS / Sumrall Full Splice for sale, titlist / rambow tribute Link to original thread. This cue is 100% as new. I hit with it briefly when I got it, about a month ago. Great, solid *PING!*. This is a true, veneered full...
  12. dirtypool40

    Lost a tough match last night, the "right way"

    APA 9-ball league match NO PUSH OUT. So I am playing a 5, a very under-rated 5, who is running balls on this 8 footer like nothin! The no-push on the break is killing me. I keep getting hooked or kicked in and this kid will run 5-7 balls. Once I made three balls, got kicked in and he ran...
  13. dirtypool40

    goal reached.... ok, only a short set

    Headed back to school soon and having to walk away from the game again, or at least put it on the way back burner. A couple nights ago I was struggling, while chatting with a buddy, saying I was trying to get back in stroke just one more time and how before I had to lay it down again and focus...
  14. dirtypool40

    Paul Sumrall Full Splice - Old School

    Paul just sent me these pics of my "almost ready to ship" full splice. Gotta say, Paul was an absolute pleasure to deal with, got excited about the project and I can't wait to get some chalk on this thing!!! I wanted a REALLY old school look, and was leaning towards an ebony "titlist...
  15. dirtypool40

    Near Perfect League Playoff match

    9-ball league, local area playoffs, bar tables at the moose lodge. They count balls, there's no push out, three foul or jump cues. As a newly promoted "9" I have to get to 75 balls pocketed, the 9-ball counts as two. My team loses the first three matches, then puts me (a new 9) up against a...
  16. dirtypool40

    Best shot I ever made.

    I know, I know, it's only one ball. Ok, a two ball run actually. But it was a TOUGH (for me anyway) shot, under pressure, and I felt great for making it. Playing a KF aka POISON tournament last weekend, I was struggling, nursing a 1 game lead, and the clear underdog in this match. We're...
  17. dirtypool40

    B&R From League last night

    I just got moved up, and the other teams know it, so they are putting their veteran, seasoned 5's- 7's on me, making try to outrun the spot. There's a no push out rule, and for some reason balls on the break are hard to come by. Yes, I have tried everything from an 11mph cut, to a 26mph crush...
  18. dirtypool40

    Rules ideas for 9 / 10-ball

    I have had a couple ideas for helping make 9 & 10-ball "better". Now we can all agree 9-ball is broken, let's not argue that here. 10-ball is better, and rack your own & eliminating the "bottom two corners" for the 10-ball win is better. BUT: we all know how to sauce the rack for a 10-ball to...
  19. dirtypool40

    Georgia: where to play in Stockbridge

    Guys I am spending a week or so in 30281, Stockbridge, GA, basically SOUTH ATLANTA, and haven't seen a poolroom yet. We passed what looked like a converted pizza hut with some bar boxes, my brother said it's a dive. Help! Where can I play? Hoping for some tight 9 footers to practice on. Thanks.