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    WTB Capone Cue

    I am interested in buying a Capone cue. I am not eyeing for something fancy or special at the moment. Just a normal Plain Jane (preferably BEM) or southwest style will be alright. Weight should be 19.2 - 19.5oz. Shaft 12.5 - 12.75mm I have a Judd JT-1 for trade if you are interested. Condition...
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    Help me identify this Schon LTD

    Fellow AZers, I have been trying to identify this Schon LTD but could not get the serial number for this. I have looked at Renegade_56's archieve on Schon cues but this one is not there either. I have a couple of questions pertaining to this cue: 1. Is the buttsleeve of this cue real ivory or...
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    JMW Contacts

    Hi all, I am contemplating whether to get a used JMW in this forum or get a new one directly from JMW. Do you guys happen to know how to contact James White or his cue store? Tried googling it but to no avail. Thanks in advance for your help guys. Charlie
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    MWTB: Bender, Mottey or JMW cue

    I just come back to the pool playing scene after 2 years of hiatus due to work and some family related issue. Currently, I am looking to buy a new cue. I would like to get a feeler of what is in the market for Bender, Mottey or James White players cue. Let me know if you guys have anything...
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    Shane van Boening's cue

    Does anybody know what cue does shane van boening use when he played in the Mosconi Cup? Does he ever change his cue after or before that? Thanks a lot for the info guys.
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    FS: Stacey Cue

    Hi people. Up for grab is a wrapless M.Stacey cue. Cocobolo forearm & butt with Birdseye Maple handle. Weight around 19oz, 1 ivory ferrule shaft with matching JP. Cue just come back from ferule changing by Mike Stacey himself. Only hit 3 racks since. Mint condition. Can be rate 97% easily...
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    FS: Schon13 Shaft

    Hi, I have a Schon13 shaft (5/16-14 joint) that I want to sell. The shaft is still in very good condition. Rolls straight. Shaft has slight blueing. Tip has just been changed to a new Kamui M. International Money Order preferred. Looking for $150-shipped...
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    Smooth Transaction with Nine Ball

    Did a cue deal with Josh Hillard. Great communication. Packed the cue nicely. Wont hesitate dealing with him again in the future. Thanks Josh.
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    Need help on Schon-13 shaft

    Hi I would like to ask how much is a schon 13 shaft worth? How does it play compared to the newer version of schon shaft? Thanks :)
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    Help in Contacting Mike Stacey

    Hi fellow AZers. I need some help. I tried calling Mike Stacey this last two days and has been sending him 3 emails but I couldnt get any response from him. Do any of fellow AZers know what happen? Thanks in advance for all the help from you guys.
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    FS: Mike Stacey cue

    Hi all. I have a Mike Stacey cue that is for sale. The specs are: 1. cocobolo forearm and buttsleeve. 2. birds eye maple handle and 1 shaft 3. 3/8-11 flat faced joint. 4. a pair of custom joint protector. It looks great and hits great. The cue is straight and was signed by Mike Stacey...
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    Wanna trade my Olney w/ Omen or Stacey

    Hi I would like to trade my Jeff Olney cue and maybe add on some cash with a Mike stacey cue or Omen cue. Anyone who's interested please leave me a message. Thanks