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  1. cmsmith9

    F/S Lambros feeler

    I'm thinking of selling my Lambros. I will have more details regarding specs on Friday. Just wanted to see if there is any high level interest. I'm shooting for $1800. -Cocobolo points and butt. 3 high points, 3 low. -Leather wrap -Ivory joint and possible ivory butt -4 rings-at the joint...
  2. cmsmith9

    Phil Capelle books for sale

    Four Phil Capelle books for sale (as a set, not individually): Play your Best Pool: ($29.95 value) Practicing Pool: ($29.95 value) Play Your Best Straight Pool: ($24.95 value) A Mind For Pool: ($19.95 value) Total price: $60.00 USD All used with the exception of Practicing Pool.
  3. cmsmith9

    Food and Beverage consumption during tournament play

    I played in a tournament/action for about 14 hours Saturday. I was exhausted and drained. During the tournament I spoke with some people about how what you eat/drink throughout the day can shift your body chemistry and affect the way you play. I do not eat during matches, but I do have...
  4. cmsmith9

    Pic of the tooth I won gambling (Pool Player missing tooth in NJ)

    You asked and here it is. Enjoy...........
  5. cmsmith9

    Pool Player with missing tooth in NJ

    Last night I had something funny happen to me. I am playing in a tournament against this Irish guy and as he is down on his shot..he would be grinning and one second he had a tooth second it was was rather disturbing. Turns out he could take the tooth in and out with the...
  6. cmsmith9

    4 pt cocobolo Phillippi for sale

    I am currently selling a Phillippi on Ebay. It's a pre-owned Phillippi custom cue, 4 cocobolo points w/ holly and ebony veneers. The butt is almost flawless, the one shaft has a small chip in ring right near the joint. Forearm is birdseye maple. Steel joint and weighs 18.5 oz. 2 shafts that are...