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    POOL TOURNEY Bradford PA JAN 11th - 8 bar boxes

    please see poster for information
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    8 TABLES IN Bradford PA JAN 21ST

    See poster for info
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    Pool Tourney Jan 9th in Bradford PA Eagles

    we will have 8 - 7' bar boxes this year to help speed up the tourney we always have a great turn out - with great shooters last few years we usually have around 90 players
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    Jan 10th Bradford Eagles Tourney

    Jan 10th Bradford PA Eagles Tourney great tourney with the area best players!
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    finish help - what to use

    I do cue repairs done some refinish - sprayed automotive clear looked great - need to refinish a couple of cues a local cue maker had done and the finish is separating he used 2 part resin and clear type system , Im not set up to do spraying for a while what system are you guys using that works...
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    8 Ball Tourney Jan 11th in Bradford Pa 1 1/2 from Buffalo and Erie

    see poster attached - its our 6th one its very well ran last tourney had just short of 90 people - plenty to do when not playing will have gaming 1 1/2 hours from Buffalo NY and Erie Pa
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    Predator repair questions

    I do cue repairs mostly tips cleaning - have a customer with a Predator shaft he thought ferule came loose I told him to send in for warranty said he didn't have receipt was bought for a gift for him - he had a tournament guy glue the ferule on he thought was ok for a while gave to me I told him...
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    chalk holder suplies - NEED INFORMATION

    I wanted to make a handfull of chalk holders for some of my friends and teammates - just wanted to purchase the cube that holds the chalk maybe with a scuffer on the other side - I know people will say just buy them but I like making stuff for people for gifts
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    trouble with tip (Talisman) seperating

    has anyone else had a problem with talisman starting to make a click noise to find a layer or two is delaminated coming apart - I had pros and wb do this even sent e-mail Tony Jones (owner) to complain he sent several new tips with a black coating in the edges seam to work good lasted bout 2...
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    predator ferule help

    anyone out there replaced a predator ferule ? I have a couple that need replaced because gauged badly. Were can I get a replacement ferule.
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    B.i.p.l pool tournament - in bradford pa on jan 14,2012

    This is our 5th event - Lasts year we had 79 players up to 6 - 7ft Bar boxes Date : Jan 14,2012 sign ups between 12:00 - 1:00 doors open at 10:00 8 ball - ball in hand double elimination - race determined by amount of entry we plan on having GAMING again -...
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    looking for a used ball cleaner

    looking for a used ball cleaner for local use
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    fiber backing before tip install ??

    whats the sense (purpose) of fiber or whatever it is backing between tip and ferule ?
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    adheasive for tips

    I have been installing tips for over 15 years , I always used krazy glue I just had been noticing when I retip a ivory ferrule that i had installed a tip on and remove the tip doest seam like it adheared good like other ferrules .any suggestions on what I should use or anyone have the same problem
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    aiming help

    need help with aiming - wanted to know what is the best aiming system training out there
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    wanted to buy 4x8 case w/wheels,kick stand

    looking for buy a 4x8 case w/wheels, kick stand , spring loaded
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    Pool Tournament in Bradford PA

    Pool Tournament in Bradford PA- check this out !!!!! WE will have 4 tables should have a great turn out !! about 1 hour 40 minutes from BUFFALO ny, 1 hour 45 minutes from ERIE pa - right on the pa -ny border on rt 219 .... Should have gambling this year hope to have black jack, craps...
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    is there a holder vise to hold ferules out there for a drill press ? just wondering justs seam like it would be quicker
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    mezz cue case

    interested in pricing a mezz case also who would have model # npc-35 can anyone help
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    refinishing flaws - need answers

    just cleared my first cue - didnt look so bad - planned on sand and respray then sand and polish - sanding to prep to respray noticed a whte over spray looking type mist seams like its under the clear - didnt blush usally this happens while you spray - anyone out there had this happen to them --...