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    When should I get a new tip?

    Hey guys this feels like a total noob question but iv had my Players hxte cue for 2 years now and it came with the Kamui soft tip. Starting to wonder when I should be changing the tip and I seem to have a tiny crack in the ferrule, but I haven't noticed any difference in play. Now iv never had...
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    Help m find video of this shot please!

    Ok guys I was telling my friend about this shot I saw earlier this year and I cannot seem to find it or anything remotely similar. I asked on another forum and I got a bunch of link to bank shots from some of the pool flicks but it is not a bank. As far as I remember the shot is illegal and it...
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    Can someone guide me in the right direction im about to buy a cue

    Alright guys new to the forum here been mostly lurking for a couple months but I think im about to purchase one of these two cues and I would like to hear what you guys think, and if im not making a good choice what I should consider. Now in my current situation I cannot afford anything beyond...