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  1. LucasBilliards

    Like New Bumperless Hoppe Fancy Bob Danielson Bocote Sneaky

    This Bob Danielson fancy sneaky is awesome. It is a bumperless, hoppe, bocote sneaky with a white phenolic joint and ebony/ holly rings. Plays amazing. 13mm 1/2" ferrule, Kamui Med Brown tip, 19.5 oz, 59", Solid Maple shaft. In mint condition other than a small scratch on the bumperless end of...
  2. LucasBilliards

    Like New Coco/ Curly Wrapless Kwikfire

    Like New Wrapless Kwikfire cue by Carolina Custom Cues. In mint condition, no flaws whatsoever. Nice cocobola forarm and butt sleeve with a curly maple handle. Kwikfire deco rings at all locations. Brown Phenolic joint and butt. 12.75 mm, 19 oz, 59", 3/8x10 joint pin. $225 shipped/ insured CONUS
  3. LucasBilliards

    Like New Bocote Dale Perry w/ White Wrap

    Like New Dale Perry cue with less than an hour of play on it. Been in a case since. Absolutely mint condition. 3 Pointer w/ white and black speck linen wrap. Very attractive cue. 19 oz, 13mm, Radial Pin, 59". $150 shipped/ insured CONUS
  4. LucasBilliards

    Coco Russ Espiritu Wrapless w/ 30" OB1

    As the title says, I have a wrapless Russ Espiritu w/ 30" OB1. I got the cue in trade and it is in great shape. Some very, very small dings in the butt, hardly noticeable. The shaft does have some bluing but is otherwise in mint condition. The thickness of the silver rings at the joint are not...
  5. LucasBilliards

    Bob Danielson Coco/ Bocote Full Splice

    I have a Bob Danielson coco/ bocote full splice that he made for me from a schmelke blank. The blank had some fill in the points which you can see in the pics but the cue is still a sharp looking cue. In absolutely mint condition. Used literally 2 racks. No blemishes whatsoever and dead...
  6. LucasBilliards

    Predator SP in Mint Condition w/ 314-2

    Predator SP with red and black veneers in absolutely mint condition. Not a blemish on the cue, the shaft doesn't even have bluing. 314-2 19oz Brown/ Black linen Uni-loc joint SOLD
  7. LucasBilliards

    2 New Bob Danielson Cues (BD Cues)

    First cue is a very nice maple into bocote full splice cue from Bob Danielson with a nicely pressed black/ white linen wrap. It has ebony/ maple rings and looks really sharp. Bob does an excellent job, his finish is like glass. Nice pro taper. Here's the specs 58" long 0.60" juma ferrule 13mm...
  8. LucasBilliards

    BCM Hoppe Bocote Sneaky

    I have a BCM bocote sneaky with a hoppe ring that I've only used for a few hours. I have other cues and this one just doesn't get enough play for me to keep it. Plays and looks beautiful. In like new condition, no dents, dings, scuffs, scrapes, or anything. Very, very little roll to it, nothing...
  9. LucasBilliards

    9ft Floor Length Table Cover

    Like the title says I have a 9ft FLOOR LENGTH naugahyde table cover in tan. Used for literally 3 months and then the table was sold. Been in a box in the garage since. Made of a nice thick naugahyde. Very nice and in new condition. No blemishes whatsoever. Boxed up and ready to drop off at post...
  10. LucasBilliards

    Bob Danielson Reverse Bocote Full Splice (BD Cues)

    Here's a very nice maple into bocote full splice cue from Bob Danielson with a nicely pressed black/ white linen wrap. It has ebony/ maple rings and looks really sharp. Bob does an excellent job, his finish is like glass. Nice pro taper. Here's the specs 58" long 0.60" juma ferrule 13mm Kumui...
  11. LucasBilliards

    Bob Danielson Coco/ Curly Wrapless (BDCues)

    Just got this in from Bob yesterday. It's absolutely beautiful. The cocobola is beautiful, excellent figure and color. The curly maple in the handle is equally as nice. It has coco/ holly rings that really pop. Bob's finish is like glass. Whoever gets this cue will be very happy. 58" 18 oz...
  12. LucasBilliards

    Antique Sure Strike 9 ft Pool Table, Phoenix, AZ

    I have an antique Sure Strike pool table from 1920-1940 complete with original clay balls and triangle rack. In very good shape for it's age with the only "problem" being one of the slates is cracked as shown in the picture. I bought it for a good deal with the intentions of keeping it until we...
  13. LucasBilliards

    Antique Hyatt Fancy-O Clay Balls

    As the title says I have a set of Hyatt Fancy-O clay balls for sale. In pretty good shape. Some crazing on the surface. Includes the original cue ball. Asking $80 obo shipped
  14. LucasBilliards

    Bocote/ Purpleheart Full Splice BCM "Hoppe" Ring

    Bocote/ Purpleheart 58" from buttcap to tip 13mm triangle tip 20.7 oz total weight, shaft weighs 3.8 Aluminum 3/8x10 pin, black collars Sold
  15. LucasBilliards

    Bocote/ Purpleheart Full Splice BCM

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  16. LucasBilliards

    Rare Meucci 1 piece M Cue

    I have a rare Meucci 1 piece cue that I'd like to get rid of. The link below is to another thread with info another member was able to get from Meucci. According to what he was able to find the cue was only made for about a year and is pretty rare. I couldn't get the pics to upload to...
  17. LucasBilliards

    Did Meucci make 1 piece cues?

    Hi, I bought a table a while back and it came with a couple dufferins and what I think is a Meucci one piece cue. It has a black circle sticker near the butt with "M Cue" on it and the M is the same M Meucci uses. Also the ferrule is 1 1/4". I'm just curious if I'm right. Anyone know? I'm on my...
  18. LucasBilliards

    2 BCM "Hoppe" Sneakies

    I just picked these up from Bryan Mordt last week. One is bocote/ maple and one is bocote/ purpleheart. They both have "hoppe" rings sandwiched in silver for a clean, classy look. Bryan's fit and finish are perfect, it's like glass. Pics and specs below, I am asking SOLD shipped for the Bocote/...
  19. LucasBilliards

    Misc. Ball Sets

    Aramith Glow in the Dark Balls- USED in like new condition, box is beat up but balls are pristine. $75 shipped conus NBA Licensed Balls Suns vs. Wizards- NEW SOLD shipped conus NBA Licensed Balls Wizards vs. Kings- NEW $60 shipped conus NBA Licenced Cue Balls- NEW 7 available. $10 ea...
  20. LucasBilliards

    8ft Brunswick Contender Pool Table

    I have an 8ft Brunswick Contender pool table for sale. Table is in excellent condition with very little wear. As you can see from the pictures it has ball and claw legs and brown leather pockets. Includes a naugahyde cover as well. Asking $1000 obo deliverd and setup in the Phoenix area. Can...