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  1. Southpaw

    Pics Of My Steve Lomax Cue

    Here are the pics I promised of my new Steve Lomax custom cue. GREAT cue, GREAT Cuemaker.
  2. Southpaw

    Should Amateur Players Have Sponsors??

    With all of the Amateur tours that are out there, do you think a player should be sponsored by a poolroom, backer, etc. and still meet "amateur" status? I have heard the argument that if you are sponsored, then you are not an amateur....What is your opinion? Southpaw <--------- Made it to 2000...
  3. Southpaw

    Viking Amateur In Winder, GA. July 12-13

    There is a Viking Amateur tourney in Winder,GA. on July 12-13 at the NEW Murphys Brass Rail. Please check with Mike Janis on the specifics. There will also be an exibition by World Champion Allison Fisher on Friday July 11th at 7pm. Advance tickets are $15 or $20 at the door. Murpy's Brass...
  4. Southpaw

    Pechauer For Sale

    I have just received my new Steve Lomax cue and am selling my Pechauer. This Pechauer is about 8 months old (1 owner) and is in EXCELLENT condition. I just had a Kamui med/ soft tip put on it about 2 months ago. It weighs 19.5 oz and the shaft is 13mm. This cue retails for $550, but I am asking...
  5. Southpaw

    Steve Lomax Custom Cues

    Not sure if anyone knows much about Steve. He lives in North Georgia and has been making cues for quite a while. He was a Meucci dealer for a long time and part owner of Bunjee. He has been making custom cues for a few years now. Currently I know that Stevie Moore has been playing with one of...
  6. Southpaw

    Kim Davenport

    I went to Mr. Cues in Atlanta today and watched some of the Southeast Open Tourney that Tommy K. runs. There were alot of strong players there, but it was good to see Kim Davenport playing again. The last time I saw him play was during the Camel Pro Tour. He seems to be playing really well. At...
  7. Southpaw

    Who Plays The Best Opposite Handed?

    Just wondering if anyone had any good stories seeing people match up and play opposite handed. I play pretty well opposite handed and have caught a few people getting out of line offering me huge spots that way. I think the best I have ever seen play opposite handed is Tony Watson. Southpaw
  8. Southpaw

    A Great TAR Match.....

    I would like to see Dennis Hatch and Larry Nevel meet up on one of the TAR challenge matches. I think that would be an old fashioned shoot-out. JMO. Southpaw
  9. Southpaw

    Pechauer SE Open in Atlanta this weekend.

    I just got back from Marietta and Larry Nevel double-dipped Stevie Moore in the finals to win the Pechauer tourney that was at Side Pockets this weekend. Larry played unreal in those last 2 sets. His break was just unstoppable. Also, saw Mike Janis and he is doing fine since his motorcycle...
  10. Southpaw

    What Ever Happened To.....

    What ever happened to a guy named Rich Schmeigal (sp?). I remember a few years ago at the Music City Open in Nashville he was shooting down some big names such as Archer, Daulton and Putnam. Does anyone know about him? Does he still play? I thought he played jam up and would be a force in the...
  11. Southpaw

    8 Ball In The Corner Pocket....Or Not!

    This would be really sick. I have had it happen where it hit the back of the pocket and jumped back out, but never the bottom of the pocket. Southpaw
  12. Southpaw

    9 Ball Players Playing Snooker

    Just curious, with all of the great snooker players such as Allison, Karen, John Horsfall and even Ronnie O'Sullivan (and Im sure there are more) coming to the states to play 9 ball, why havent we seen any American 9 ball players ever take a shot at playing snooker in England? There must be...
  13. Southpaw

    I Hope This Is Just A Rumor....

    I just received a call from a friend in Atlanta that told me Tommy Kennedy called one of the locals early this morning and said that Doug Young had been shot and killed last night over a pool match in Texas. I really hope this isnt true. Has anyone heard anything about this???? Southpaw
  14. Southpaw

    I thought an Earthquake had hit Athens, GA.

    I walked into the poolroom tonight and saw a new bartender and had to do a double take...Who does this look like at first glance? Southpaw
  15. Southpaw

    Nice Shots!!

    I found these two videos on youtube. Not sure who the shooter is, but pretty impressive shots IMO. Southpaw
  16. Southpaw

    OK...So Who Is Gonna Be In Athens This Weekend?????

    Mike Janis always has excellent turn-outs at his tournies in Athens not to mention the partying afterwards borders on legendary. I myself will definitely be there to witness and partake in both.I know Vette will be there, so I will have to bring a rain coat....because he ALWAYS makes it rain...
  17. Southpaw

    Custom Pechauer for Sale

    Custom Pechauer cue with ebony forearm and butt with cocobola inlays and maple verneers. Cue weighs 19.5oz and is in excellent condition. Cue comes with 2 shafts, both have Ivor-X ferrules and Sniper tips. I have had this cue for about 2 years and it has been well taken care of. I am also...
  18. Southpaw

    Fury Jump/ Break Cue

    I aquired a Fury jump/ break cue (along with some cash) last night after beating a guy out of $400. This cue is used and has a few scuffs around the bottom of the wrap that looks like its from taking it in and out of the case. Also, there are a few marks around the base of the shaft just above...
  19. Southpaw

    Aramith TV Balls- Slightly Used

    I have a set of the Aramith TV balls (with measel cue ball) for sale. They are slightly used (maybe 10 hrs of play). I will take $100 shipped. Please PM me with any questions. Thanks. Southpaw
  20. Southpaw

    Happy Birthday Corvette1340

    Just wanted to wish our own Corvette1340 a happy B-day today. Thanks for all the laughs using MS Paint. Southpaw