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    Predator BK Rush

    SOLD Predator bk rush with sleeve wipes and JPs. Used, a couple of scuffs on butt. Have to look close to see them.

    Cuetec cynergy 15k

    SOLD 2 weeks old, I decided on a Revo instead. Like new. 3/8-10 pin.


    Hercek Players Hercek Players [/url]20181222_220216 by 1DEXTER1, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url]20181222_220146 by 1DEXTER1, on Flickr[/IMG]

    Joss Weight Bolt

    A friend of mine has a Joss he wants to make heavier. It looks like it would have to be a 1/2 diameter weight bolt. Does any body know what size weight bolts does Joss use? Thanks.

    Carhartt Ultimate Rugged

    Carhartt donated the material to me, along with some logos. John Barton did a great job hand making the leather logo on the front. What do you think. One 3x5 and a smaller 1x2. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]

    WPBA masters

    WPBA masters should be on ESPN3 this Sunday at 1 PM. Disappointed in their site, no players list, and no brackets are posted. I finally scored VIP tickets for the finals. Going to play in the Soaring Eagle open while we're here, and watch the ladies.

    WTB Predator BK2

    A friend of mine is looking for a Predator Bk2 Wrapless If anyone has one let me know. Thanks.

    Ebay Warning Someone trying to sell my cue again. Beware. Also has a Balabushka listed.
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    Predator SE-15 Gladius

    Predator SE-15 Gladius by Longoni Sold Predator SE-15 Gladius by Longoni Number 39 of 100 20.4 oz. Newer 314-2 shaft typical small Predator taper roll 12.9 mm under the ferrule. One pin head sized ding at bottom of butt sleeve. 1000 or best Reduced 900 OBO No trades please, I got too many now...
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    Predator SP2 REVO

    Sold Around a month old Predator SP2 REVO1 Bought it to try it out. Shaft is very stiff 12.9 mm. I had an extra .5 ounce weight laying around that I installed, so it weighs 19.5 now. Easily removable to the original 19 oz weight. Straight near new condition no dent dings or any thing else. No...
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    WPBA Masters

    Today on ESPN3 starting at 1 PM. Jennifer Baretta vs. Alison Fisher at 1 Brittany Bryant vs. Monica Webb at 3 Finals at 5
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    A few wrapless cues

    1. Gina 2. Hercek 3. Southwest Tiltist 4. Diveney 5. Thomas Wayne 6. Ed Prewitt 7. Tony Drago's Parris cue 8. Paul Drexler [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
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    [/url]DSCF0049 by 1DEXTER1, on Flickr[/IMG]
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    Mezz Power Break Pro w/H shaft Wrapless

    SOLD. Didn't figure it would take long. Only two months old. One small scratch on butt. Other than that it is like new. Hell of a break cue. 19.7 oz. Price 520 Shipped. OBO, not looking for any trades, thanks.
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    A couple of old Brunswick cues.

    I think they're Brunswick. The story I was told was that they were purchased by a man who lived in Chicago, from Brunswick. After having them he sent them back for the inlays, and that a man named Rambo did the inlay work. Sounds good, what are your thoughts. Inlays look like Ivory but I'm not...
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    Glue question

    I picked up a oak Titlist. It is a through tenon design with a black ferrule, that needs to be glued back on. No tip at the moment. What's a good glue to use? I've been using this for tips, would it work to glue the ferrule back on...