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  1. sac14214

    2 cues I am kind of proud of

    Just messing around out in the garage, doing this for fun.
  2. sac14214

    Red, White, and Blue

    Friend asked for a cue with red, white, and blue in it. Hope he likes it.
  3. sac14214

    My new baby is about an hour old.....

    Just a little Ebony and Cocobolo, with a few Mother of Pearl And Cocobolo impellers.
  4. sac14214

    Another present almost done....

    thinking of changing the wrap before gifting it to it's new owner....
  5. sac14214

    One finished in time for Christmas.

    Nothing better than a home made present.
  6. sac14214

    Black Walnut cue

    This is my 8th cue finished so far. Far from perfect but getting happier with results. Walnut is cored with 3/4" maple. 4 points of ebony with yellow, brown, yellow veneers. It was very difficult to capture all the figure in this wood with camera.
  7. sac14214

    Viking Restoration

    An old Viking I bought. I knew nothing of cue building when I purchased. 754 days later..... BEFORE DURING AFTER
  8. sac14214

    test picture