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  1. chris2669

    Bunjee jump/break cue review

    Bought this cue from billiardswarehouse a few months ago. Not going to comment on that site because I know their are a lot of fan boy of them here. All I will say is I will not use him again. As far as the bunjee cue. The site said it was a phenolic tip. The tip was basically one whole...
  2. chris2669

    ernie martinez cue #431 for sale

    Curly Maple forearm; 4 East Indian Rosewood w/purple, green & red veneers; Birdseye handle; Rosewood buttsleeve ; Nickle Silver ringwork; 2 shafts 1 shaft used the other no use at all. pm me or email me at with any questions you have. here is the link where origially...
  3. chris2669

    4 cues for sales...need to find them a home!

    Well i am running out of room for new cues coming in so i am getting rid of some! If you are interested please let me know through pm or by email. 1.) McDermott M7Q-R6 Voyager Highly figured Premium Natural Walnut-stained Birdseye maple forearm; 6 Michigan maple, recon...
  4. chris2669

    Who can build!!

    ok guys I am looking for any cue maker that can make me a cue! I have messaged a few people but it is a no go! I am looking for anyone that can do a solid piece of wood from joint to the rubber stopper. No wrap and no inlays. The shafts have to have a insert in metal on wood. I...
  5. chris2669

    Info needed

    Guys I have been looking at buying one of the new Z2 shafts and need some help! I want to fit it to a radial joint cue and I was wondering if this will fit any! I have several radial joint cues and the some shafts do not match up with each other. I have tried to email a few sites but the...
  6. chris2669


    Ok first lets say no put down. I am looking for a paticular stick. If you go back old school they had the 97-23 that had pool balls on it. Now the one that I am looking for has nine balls racks on it. I can not find the thing anywhere on the internet. Only reason I am looking is because...
  7. chris2669

    Miranda Cues

    Now I have been watching their ebay auctions for about 5 months now. Is it right that they keep raising the price of their cues like they are. Now I have heard that these cues are to the terms of alright...
  8. chris2669

    New Cue

    I am new here and thought i would post some pics of my new cue that I should be recieving soon!!!!