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    I have a ton of cases, but I am starting this out with the three Volturi cases I had with me at the time. 1 Ball = Sons of Anarchy case (like new condition, used for storage) - $700 shipped 2 Ball = Volturi case (like new condition, used for storage) - $450 shipped 3 Ball = Volturi case (used...
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    I have an array of shafts for sale. All of them are roughly 12.75mm and are 29 inches long. Only two of them are 30 inches long (one is 31 inches long). These are all used condition but one. Cue ball = Jacoby Hybrid LD (New/Old Stock [radial pin]) - 30" - SOLD 1 ball = Pechauer LD (speed...
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    Mosconi Cup 2019 question

    Okay. During the final match with Skyler Woodward and Joshua Filler, there was a moment where the referee interfered on Woodward and I am guessing told him the balls were frozen? I do not know what he said to Woodward, but there was a moment for a few seconds that he (referee) viewed the...
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    Carbon Fiber shafts (opinion)

    I am getting back into pool, and I finally purchased an older diamond table (9 footer - it plays great, by the way... LOL...). So, playing will be much easier now - for me. I know there have been threads about CF shafts, but I specifically wanted some opinions on the Jacoby, Pechauer, and...
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