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  1. swrooster

    Montgomery, AL

    Any weekly pool tournies in Montgomery on Saturday nites? I'll be there the 18th, I think I've seen the Break Room before.
  2. swrooster

    5 cue sale

    Time to make room- 2-Schons with three shafts, both bought new in '89 or '90 (some of the foggy years). The basic four point ebony and BEM with black single speck white Irish linen wrap. Excelent condition, used as a back up. The other is a limited 8 point with multiple inlays of ivory, mother...
  3. swrooster

    Andy Gilbert

    I am away from home and can't find Andy's phone number, please pm with some help...Thanks:thumbup:
  4. swrooster

    The Cover Of the Rolling Stone

    Well, I finally made it to the lead story on AZ Billiards!!!:cool: Even as it was just listing me as Bartram's first victim. Oh well, I'll get him next time!!!
  5. swrooster

    SVB-Travis Trotter-Genius

    Who knew? Seems TT was right all along. All SVB needed was that final piece of the puzzle to put him over the top--A Cue Tech Cue...!!
  6. swrooster

    CLICK'S 30th-El Paso, TX Aug. 22,23

    Come on and enjoy the pool, drinks and fun!!!!Wow, the file is too large to post the flyer so here goes; AUGUST 22,23 2009 >Two Day Event-SAT & SUN >Double Elimination >Eight Ball >Race to Seven-Winner's >Race to Five-One Loss >BCA Rules >$100.00 Entry Fee >Click's Adds $300.00 based on 32...
  7. swrooster

    Andy Gilbert-The Real Deal

    What a great cue maker and what a nice man. In a time when the lists get longer of folks getting ripped off I would like to put in a plug for Mr. Gilbert. My Gilbert cue had the moose horn butt ring broken. I sent it to Andy along with the two shafts, he had it for awhile locating some materials...
  8. swrooster

    WTB 12 or 16 Dealer Case

    Looking to buy a well built case for airline shipment of at least 12x24 size. Roller if available. Thanks :cool:
  9. swrooster

    League Shirt Info Please

    Would anyone with a source for league shirts with printing, silkscreen, etc. please post the contact info if you had a positive transaction? Thanks
  10. swrooster

    Riverside, CA Tuesday 2nd

    Traveling to Cali again for a shorty. I've been stopping by Shooters as it is close to my appointment. I'll be there Tuesday afternoon and evening, would love to meet an AZ'er if possible. I've also been to Hardtimes, Styx and Hollywood three or four times in the last six months, but not that...
  11. swrooster

    Congrats Monica

    A long time coming for a good player and a wonderful gal. Congratulations on the win!!:thumbup2:
  12. swrooster

    Thank You Veterans

    A short but sincere thank you to all the AZ service men and women, home and abroad that unselfishly serve to help us maintain our freedoms and democratic way of life. We hold you and your position in honor more than just this one day. SALUTE!! HOORAH!!
  13. swrooster

    Welcome Back Ross!!

    You can't keep a Good Man Down:thumbup:
  14. swrooster

    Places to Play--Montgomery, Alabama

    Have business trip in Montgomery the week of October 12th. Would anyone care to recomend a good room to play in?
  15. swrooster

    Clicks El Paso Tourney Results

    The 29th Anniversary Event was a BLAST!! Poker, live music and pool action along with tourney was great. Thanks to Joe and his wonderful staff for being such great hosts and "pool player" friendly. The field was a stong one as in attendence was a contingency from Albuquerque including Anna...
  16. swrooster

    Clicks El Paso Nine Ball Tourney

    August 23, 2008 One Day Tourney Texas Express Nine Ball Clicks Billiards 1201 Airway Blvd. El Paso, TX 79925 (915)779-2153 Joe Soares, GM $50.00 Entry Fee, $2000.00 Pay Out based on 32 Players 8 Ft. Brunswick Tables Race to 7 Winners Race to 5 Losers Players Meeting 10:00 AM Tourney Starts 11:00...
  17. swrooster

    F/S Joel Weinstock Wrapless Beauty

    A real beauty!! Bought last month from shotmaker, nothing wrong, just hits too soft for me. Butt and forearm highly figured Honduran Rosewood, handle is Purpleheart with an ivory buttcap. Round ivory inlays connected by thin lines of inlaid micarta. 3/8x11 southwest style brass radial pin...