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    Dechaine vs earl

    Anybody catch the match??? I figured it would of been on the feature table.
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    Rocket science

    Any updates if they have been shipped or going to ship in the next couple days? Also what happened with the give away? Thanks, Spencer Hughes
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    Table ID

    hey guys just looking to see if someone could identify this table...absolutely no markings on the table, rails are bolted on the side with some type of antique bolt. I was thinking some type of brunswick....if someone could help that would be awesome.....the table is located at my firehouse and...
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    McDermott stinger jump/break

    McDermott stinger jump/ break with phenolic tip Weight- 20 ounce Cue and shaft roll straight together or apart Black with white spec Irish linen wrap Shaft and tip were just serviced through McDermott about 2 months ago, looking to sell or trade for another break/ jump break to try out. I...
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    First tournament winnings

    Hey guys just wanted to post that for the first time in my pool life I have finally won some tournament money lol!!!!!! I recently purchased my first predator cue and it was a road line with 314-2 shaft and g2 medium tip.... Thanks to blokid here on AZ for an amazing transaction......I played...
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    Players HXT 65 w/ 2 shafts

    Selling my players pure x HXT 65 which I've had for about about 3 months now.......sold!!!!!!!!!! Butt is wrap less - standard 19 ounce 12.75 shaft w/ kamui black soft 11.75 shaft w/ kamui black soft Cue itself is $160 plus another $110 for the additional "skinny shaft" for a total of $270...
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    Hatch vs. Earl

    Anyone going to the challenge match may 13 @ break time billiards in Wilmington NC. Have never seen any pros play in person and I'm very excited for the expierence!!!!!
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    Used 7' pro am pricing

    I'm on Craigslist and found a used red label 7' pro am with fairly new tourney blue 860, guy wants $3500? Good deal or is he asking to much? Thanks, Spencer
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    OB pro plus vs G core

    Hey guys I've searched and haven't found a comparison forum and I know 90% of you will say go with OB but I love mc d and that's all I know. I play with just a standard maple 13mm with kamui black soft. My question is I was planning on getting the g core and having it turned down to 11.75 and...
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    8' imperial

    Selling my 8' imperial...brand new Simonis 860 and champion tour edition rails. Located in myrtle beach and willing to listen to any offers.
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    Balls popping out

    Hey guys I just newly covered and cushioned my table and putting in the pockets today. My table is a cheap imperial player 2 and everytime I play a hard draw and make the ball center pocket it will hit the back of the pocket and bounce back on the table. Any quick fixes or advice Thanks Spencer
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    Hey guys finally got a video of me playing....Masse around 2 ball to combo 1 ball into the 10 ball....playing ten ball at the firehouse. Thanks for watching, Spencer
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    Table work

    Hey guys I'm looking to get some new Simonis and rails installed on my home table (8' imperial) I've contacted multiple company's in the myrtle beach area with everyone pricing me upwards of $1000 and over which I feel is too much. If I am wrong please let me know and if anyone in the myrtle...
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    First cue tip install

    This is my first cue tip install on my McDermott cue, had a lepro on it and decided to change to an elk master. Only tools I used were a utility knife, sand paper and glue. Just looking to see if I have done it right/ any advice for future installs. Thanks, Spencer Hughes
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    8' diamond

    Looking for an 8' proam Thanks, Spencer
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    Myrtle beach pool scene

    Hey guys just wanted your input on pool in myrtle beach, I live in pawleys island ( 20 minutes south of myrtle) and I only know of one true pool hall. Just trying to find someone to shoot around with or if any has any info on tourneys/ leagues. Thanks, Spencer
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    Home room dilemma

    Ok guys this is my first post, been lurking since October. I'm converting my garage to my home pool room. I have installed a door and am getting ready to put up dry wall and outdoor carpet down in case of balls coming off the table. Only other features in the room will be a dart board and tv. My...