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  1. Bumlak

    Flat Faced Joint Question

    So let's say you're making a full flat faced joint with a 3/8-10 pin or some other larger pin diameter such as the Schick joint below. Is the joint threaded on or just epoxied on over a tenon with maybe some grooves cut in? I can absolutely see threading it, but with a material such as ivory...
  2. Bumlak

    Simple Pau Rosa and Curly

    Always looking for feedback. Sorry for the poor quality of pictures but I truly suck at them. Simple Pau Rosa forearm and butt sleeve with a curly maple handle segmented with black and brass double stitch rings. Someone please remind me how much of a pain in the a** it is to make this billet...
  3. Bumlak

    CNC Controller Question

    Within the week I will be purchasing a Storm CNC. If memory serves me, these were made through or by Lee at Brianna when it existed. The unit doesn't have a controller. What box would generally be best to order? I've heard Gecko, but am unsure of any specifics. Any help would be appreciated. Erich
  4. Bumlak

    Palmer Margo #5 Value (shop cue)

    I'm just looking for a general value. I took in a Pate Margo #5 quite a while back as part of a lot of cues. The cue was ROUGH and the butt cap unfortunately couldn't be saved. I contacted Tate and found that the cue was actually a "shop cue" meant for retail sale. The butt cap has been...
  5. Bumlak

    Boring vs Step Drilling

    I just wanted to get some thoughts on boring vs step drilling. Currently I bore about 95% of the time. However, last night I was helping the repair person out at one of the local rooms and he didn't having a boring setup. He did, however, have a good set of carbide drill bits and his setup was...
  6. Bumlak

    Uni-Loc QR Insert

    Just to verify if someone wouldn't mind. Uni-Loc QR inserts are 7/16-20 for the outer thread with a bore at the joint end so you can fit the silly thing in, correct?
  7. Bumlak

    Just curious

    I continue to be stunned by the ability of some makers to use "silver" as a veneer material as well as for inlays. My assumption (dangerous) is that the silver is annealed to make it dead soft. What I can't wrap my head around is how there are no lines (miters) at the tips of the points. This...
  8. Bumlak

    Looking for some feedback

    Several firsts here for me and I'm really looking for some feedback on where I need to prioritize my focus on improvements. 6 point hi/low ebony with natural,emerald,natural veneers. African Blackwood buttsleve. Silver stitch rings at a,b,c,d and e. 5/16-14 stainless. I'm learning this craft...
  9. Bumlak

    Hightower Wrap Fixture - Thank you Chris

    Just a quick note to say thank you to Chris regarding his leather wrap fixture. So far, from the very first wrap I installed using the fixture they have been literally dead nuts perfect. The fixture is easy as can be to set up and use. Great product. I wish I would have thought of it first...
  10. Bumlak

    Mystery Diagnosis

    So I got a repair back today and I wanted some input. A little background: Porper ferrule threaded and capped installed in the usual manner using a compression die. Please note that the dark line running down the shaft from the crack is a sugar mark. The ferrule and tip appear to be in good...
  11. Bumlak

    Large Handwheel - Taig Based Lathe

    Anyone have any suggestions they could PM me regarding a larger handwheel for a Hightower Mid-Sized? Chris' only fits the Deluxe from what I understand in my conversations in the past with him. Eric
  12. Bumlak

    Tapping weight bolts

    So I was experimenting with tapping my own weight bolts using a 5/16-18 cap head and tapping to a 8/32". The problem I ran into is that once the bolt is drilled, it seems to want to turn in the headstock when I start to tap it. I guess I could just thread a nut on it and lock that down but I was...
  13. Bumlak

    Really Dumb Question on Rosewood

    So as I started to finish up this cue and cut the final taper, I noticed that the rosewood started to get more and more curly. Is this fairly common when tapering very old pieces? I'm not complaining, just curious if there is anything I need to consider when tapering older pieces next time.
  14. Bumlak

    Another Offset Tailstock Question

    Ok. So my wife decided she wants yet another cue. I found a nice Brunswick Double Butterfly to convert but now the quandary (and it may be a dumb question.) If you are only tapering the forearm, do you only use the length of the forearm between centers for the taper per inch formula or do you...
  15. Bumlak

    Old Epoxy finish question

    So I am working on a late 70s Palmer for a customer and have run into an interesting scenario. The old epoxy finish has several deep cracks in it all the way to the wood. They're only through the finish but I don't know of a way to fill them so full refinish here we go. Now to the problem. It...
  16. Bumlak

    Finish Question - Cyno

    What would cause sections of a cyno finish to frost while drying? I have my suspicions such as humidity but I'm new to using cyano. For reference I am using Bob Smith thin. Thanks, Erich
  17. Bumlak

    Finish over SS joint

    So I got a cue in to build a laminated shaft for. Nice older cue...good builder. But as I started to look at the joint, I noticed it had chips in what is aparently finish. Now I was always taught (and so have always built) by leaving the joint oversized as you would a delrin butt cap and then...
  18. Bumlak

    Inlay / Engraver Question

    So I picked up a new toy a few weeks ago and just now getting time to really sit down and think through the process. I acquired (for very cheap) a Vigor EN-775 engravers panto-graph. Here is where I am looking for advise as I am certain that I am not the first person who has looked at using...
  19. Bumlak

    Butt Capps issue

    Ladies and gentlemen, I am doing a build for a customer and have been requested to use a 1.5 milk white delrin butt cap. Here is the issue I am running into. I have a full blown mid-size cue smith but the jaws at the headstock only open to about 1.4. Is there any way to get more opening (maybe...
  20. Bumlak

    WTB Taps

    Looking for: 3/8-10" 5/16 14" 7/16-14" I am aware that you can get them through Prathers, Atlas Etc. However, most are out of stock and this is for a Christmas gift.