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    Quick question about a Gold Crown 1

    What would be a fair selling price for a 4x8 Brunswick Gold Crown 1 that is in "good" condition? Current market price? Thanks -
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    There is no money in pool???

    Apparently there is if you play well enough. Shane made $45,750 in the first 2 months of 2014...
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    Johnny, Shane, Rodney...

    ... who should be the final 2 American players on the Mosconi Cup this year?
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    Here is the ANSWER for the US Open situation.

    Instead of Barry adding $50,000 of his own money to the US Open, he should only add $10,000. That way all the players could get paid at the tournament like they have requested. Then this boycott would end... or would the players now be mad that they got paid right away but Barry made to much...
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    Mosconi Cup teams vs matching up among the players

    I understand that the Mosconi Cup is a team event but it is clear that the USA has better players. Case in point, if the 5 current European players had to each pick 1 different USA player to play a 10 ahead set, would Europe even be able to win 1 or 2 sets out of 5?