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  1. Dave38

    Small Lathe Mods

    Was asked to show more pictures of the mods I did to my Microlux so here they are. I don't do threading on this lathe so I wanted to have control of the power feed speed separate from the headstock speed. This works very well. I used a 1:1 pulley setup to try it (it was what I had on hand) May...
  2. Dave38

    predator hybrid break tip

    As the title says, looking for those, anyone have a supplier that has them? I know predator wasn't selling them to the public last yr, hoping they have changed the policy?
  3. Dave38

    Water Cooled Spindle

    Have a question for guys/gals that use water cooled spindles on their CNC, What temp is your coolant after a couple hours of running? I have a Huangyang 2.2kw 220v spindle/inverter and I am using a 5 gallon pail with 2 gallons of distilled water with 1 gallon of 50/50 radiator coolant. Ran the...
  4. Dave38

    help with cue info

    Posted this in the main forum, looking for info/value on a McDermott cue Thanks, Dave
  5. Dave38

    Info on Cue

    I have a vintage McDermott cue that looks to be the E-H2 model, but the E-H2 in the McDermott archives do not have the tulipwood rings at the joint. Having trouble finding any info about this cue, mainly approx. value. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Dave
  6. Dave38

    Some more

    OK, I lied...there are a couple more items for sale. Brass threader for 5/16x18 w/ mandrel - SOLD Spool of Uline poly tubing for making shaft bags, 3mil. There is about 4" deep left on the spool, was originally 1500 ft, has approx. 2/3rds left, With a 8" impulse sealer PCS-200 model with...
  7. Dave38

    More Items For Sale

    ------UPDATED TODAY-----Last batch of Items from My Friend's shop. You MUST respond in this thread if you want anything. I take PAYPAL Only. It is a first come first served sale, please No offers thru PM. If you want to make an offer on the whole lot, state that here and then message me with...
  8. Dave38

    Items for sale

    I have acquired a now deceased friend's repair shop supplies and have the following to offer for sale. I may have more once I finish going thru it all. Any questions please ask me. You MUST respond in this thread if you want anything, It is a first come first served sale, please No offers thru...
  9. Dave38

    tip centering tool FS

    Have a tip centering tool that was sold by Olaf, 18mm Dia. with side level. In like brand new condition, with the alignment tool and shipping ring. I unfortunately do not have links to the setup videos, but can help with it thru message or phone. Price is $85 shipped in the US, no international...
  10. Dave38

    CNC spindle

    So I have spent the last couple nights looking at cnc head hurts. I currently have been using a small rigid router, and was going to upgrade it to my bosch 1617 router, but at 6 lbs....decided to look at air/water cooled spindles. What do most of you guys/gals use? Don't have...
  11. Dave38

    looking for live center

    I was playing with my CNC mill today trying to dial in the Taig based spinner setup I just built and kept getting weird results while cutting a straight 30" dowel. the dia. measurements at the ends were off from each other, and not consistent. After messing with it for awhile, for some reason I...
  12. Dave38

    Live center question

    I am going to be starting the learning curve for doing inlays on my CNC shortly, after my recovery from surgery is done, and am wondering what are people using in the tailstock of their CNC to level a cue for doing inlays? I have seen the small boring head/live center that Chris sells, but it...
  13. Dave38

    Spin Indexer Setup With Collets

    SOLD Thanks, Dave
  14. Dave38

    Old school Atlas joint phenolic

    I have joint size old Atlas Mahogany pieces, 1- 2.5" long, 1- 1.135" long, 4 collar pieces .360 , and 13- joint rings .035" thick. All are .625" I.D. Going by the size collars I use, I believe conservatively there are at least 4 joints worth of material. Price is SOLD shipped to the Lower 48...
  15. Dave38

    DC motor recomendation

    Looking for recommendations for a small DC motor to use as a turning motor with the headstock from my other post, to be used for my CNC mill to turn shafts. I have 90 vdc and 12 vdc speed controllers. What do you guys use? Not looking to spend the farm, as it will just be turning shafts so no...
  16. Dave38

    Taig index plate

    Does anyone know if someone makes an indexing plate that would fit the Taig small headstock with the 3/4" spindle? I could make one but would rather have a plug-n-play one to save time. Thanks, Dave
  17. Dave38

    Spalted Tamarind

    I have three pieces of spalted tamarind 17.75"×1.625" + three slabs that could be used for inlays, and I'll even toss in a small square and another 17" Square (not sure it is cue worthy) at no charge. None of this has been stabilized and they will need to be. The wood is very dry and ready for...
  18. Dave38

    Uniloc Qr

    Does anyone know and willing to share the tpi of the uniloc QR pin, the thread that engages the insert? I was asked to build some joint protectors and would like to build them from scratch and not buy cheap protectors and use those as a base. PM me if that is better. Thanks, Dave
  19. Dave38

    Looking for recommendations

    Look for some recommendations for a small headstock and tailstock to put on my CNC table. Not able to spend the farm, and not looking for anything that will be controlled by Mach3, looking for stand-alone and small, just for turning shafts and or butts. Would like to have the ability to put a...
  20. Dave38

    Jump handle

    Should jump cue handles be tapered or straight? I am building my first for a customer Thanks, Dave