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  1. okinawa77

    Recessed Light for pool table?

    Anyone have any ideas on the best way to align recessed lighting for a 9 foot pool table? I have 5 lights (1 that just points down, and 4 that are adjustable). I'm thinking maybe have the stationery one smack dab in the middle, but not sure if I want the eye-ball lights directly over the...
  2. okinawa77

    Benefit Pool Tournament-Austin-Oct.3

    I saw this on our local Austin BCA website: BENEFIT POOL TOURNEY Slick Willie’s (Burnet Rd.) October 3, 2009 11:00 a.m. On August 2 2009, Vicente Perez (brother of Veronica Perez-Crosby), a 23 year old IT Tech, was driving home from work on his motorcycle. A...
  3. okinawa77

    Str8 Pool in Austin, Texas

    Are there any Str8 Pool players in the Austin area?
  4. okinawa77

    WTB: X-Breaker and/or X-Jumper

    One of my BCA team mates is looking for a black X-Breaker (21 ounce). He is also looking to use an X-Jumper shaft(Ash wood) w/original X2 tip on it. We're looking for the Richard Chan modified or knock off models.
  5. okinawa77

    Mental Focus Exercises

    I have noticed that I have a problem staying mentally focused. Does anyone have any exercises to strengthen mental focus/concentration?
  6. okinawa77

    9B: Runout or Early 9?

    Most 9 Ball players have told me it's better to run out, than to pot the 9 in early. What do you think?
  7. okinawa77

    A Fun Shot

    Here's a fun shot I play around with once in awhile. I am shooting on a 9 foot Brunswick Gibson with Simonis cloth. Let's pretend you are playing 8B-Last Pocket:
  8. okinawa77

    Cuetec Shaft?

    Does anyone have a Cuetec shaft? I bought a McDermott for my girlfriend awhile back, and she gave her Earl Strickland Cuetec cue to her mother. One night at the pool hall, some dumb azz grabbed her shaft, and we found some other shaft that doesn't fit any of our cues. I am looking for someone...
  9. okinawa77

    OB1 Tip?

    I've been playing with an OB1 shaft for about 6 months. When it was brand new, it played great.....but now, the tip is getting super hard. It's still holding chalk, but miscues when using english. And the hit doesn't feel right anymore. I scuffed it down quite a bit, but it still seems too...
  10. okinawa77

    Cloth tears at the pockets

    I have an Olhausen table, and I noticed small cuts/tears at the lip of the pockets. I think it is from pocketing balls. Is this normal? Or do I have a defective table?
  11. okinawa77

    Just a thought

    Ever wonder why the CB scratches when banking with force follow? How about trying to replicate the CB path without the banking of the OB. It's no longer a force follow shot, but rather a masse shot...
  12. okinawa77

    2005 Coker For Sale

    2005 Coker Custom Cue: Black Gaboon Ebony forearm 4 Tulipwood points 3 veneers of maple/black/red Tulipwood buttsleeve black square red veneers & siver rings black/red speck pressed Irish Linen wrap The butt weighs 15.2 oz and totals weight is ~19.2-19.3 oz. 2 shafts: 12.5 mm Tiger (medium)...
  13. okinawa77

    photo upload test

  14. okinawa77

    Ready for a career change?

    Many of us make time for pool outside of our work schedules. I am curious as to how many of us would quit their current job, and replace it with a job within the pool industry. Pool industry jobs might include: Pool Halls; Leagues; Events; Instruction; etc...
  15. okinawa77

    Angle limitation for this draw shot?

    Most times, I can execute this type of shot, but sometimes the CB will contact the rail and produce an undesirable outcome. I think it is because I may have too much angle at times, and I just don't know where to "draw the line" for the angle limit. Has anyone figured out the limitations on the...
  16. okinawa77

    My 8 ball shot during APA league play, last Wednesday't_bank_to_the_sides_because_it_would_have_been_a_guaranteed_double_kiss&ZZ3ralHI_couldn't_double_bank_because_of_this_obstructing_ball&ZZ4sTAGI_couldn't_bank_here_because_of_obstructing_ball&ZZ3tVwtA...
  17. okinawa77

    8-ball game situation?

    I had this situation during APA league play. My opponent (stripes) played a safety (defense). I am on the 8 ball. Am I right to go for the masse shot for the win?