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  1. Badbeat13

    Pernambuco Joey Bautista

    Having trouble with pics. My apologies.
  2. Badbeat13

    Big Randy Mobley, lots of work

    Cue is sold. Thank you to everyone for looking.
  3. Badbeat13

    Very nice Murray Tucker

    No longer available.
  4. Badbeat13

    Verl Horn Balabushka style cue.

    ****SOLD**** Verl Horn Balabushka style cue with a Burton Spain blank. 4 points of ebony into straight grain maple with MOP inlays in each point. Ebony butt sleeve with MOP inlays. Only one shaft, but a Tascarella shaft would be perfect if a 2nd shaft is desired, the existing shaft plays...
  5. Badbeat13

    Huebler with original case

    ***SOLD*** Huebler cue. I think it was built in the mid eighties, but I'm not sure. Ebony butt, ebony points w/2 veneers, birdseye forearm. The cue was refinished before I acquired it. Dead straight butt and dead straight shafts. The case is included and is near mint. Butt 14.6 oz Shaft 1...
  6. Badbeat13

    2017 Derby pick ups

    Tucker, Mobley, & Predator BK2. I'd post more info, but I'm still recovering from. a week of no sleep😊. Thanks for looking.
  7. Badbeat13

    2 Szamboti's (1 Gus and 1 Barry)

    Asking .......for the Gus and..... for the Barry. Both cues are in outstanding condition. These 2 cues match really well and I'd love to sell them as a pair. In fact, there'd be a sizable price cut if someone purchased them together. 1 ball: Gus Szamboti with nice work in the butt. 4 ebony...
  8. Badbeat13

    Searing with 4 compression fit shafts

    Keeping the Searing. My apologies.
  9. Badbeat13

    Tucker Cue Works

  10. Badbeat13

    Shrarp point McDermott(3 high 3 low)

    ***SOLD*** McDermott with 6 sharp points(3 hi 3 low) and 2 veneers. This was one of the forearms that Jim McDermott built before selling the company. The new company completed the cue in the nineties if I'm not mistaken. I think they found a few 6 pointers like this and completed them from what...
  11. Badbeat13

    Birdseye Searing

    Sold. Thanks
  12. Badbeat13

    Sky Woodward

    I checked the brackets for the Texas Open and it looks like Sky double dipped Dennis to win the tournament. I guess it's safe to say that Sky is definitely a top player, as if that was any kind of uncertainty before this event. I only bring this up, because of an old thread from a year or two...
  13. Badbeat13

    McDaniel....Josswest....Bob Owen

    McDaniel Birdseye player ===SOLD Josswest Rosewood and Birdseye ====GONE Bob Owen===SOLD
  14. Badbeat13

    New Searing

    New Searing shafts and joint protectors, that is:) Dennis made 2 new shafts (4.3 oz each) and jp's for the butt, the new shafts, and the original shafts. Every ring is lined up nicely and I played about 20 racks with the new 12.9 mm shaft, ivory ferrule, and an original Moori medium from the...
  15. Badbeat13

    Pool and brew?

    I like to play this great game as much as I can, but I find it best after a few (or 6 or 8) beers.......What say you, AZB main forum regulars? PS: My other question these damn things taste great or are they less filling????? I'm leaning towards less filling.
  16. Badbeat13

    Can we get some play by play on the Finals?

    Would love to read some updates and comments on the match. I'm at work, so no stream for me. Thanks
  17. Badbeat13

    Lets hear about Barry's speech when/if y'all can.

    Curious to hear comments about Barry's speech if anyone can post on it. I know, I know, he has to be still rambling on as I type this, but a play by play or some comments on it would be great. I remember laughing my ass off last year or maybe the year before reading a thread detailing Barry's...
  18. Badbeat13

    I hope Ralf snaps it off.

    I'd love to see Ralf win another one. He's one of the classiest and most humble guys in the sport. Don't let that fool you, he's lethal with a pool cue.
  19. Badbeat13

    Pics for a PM:)

  20. Badbeat13

    Gus and Barry Szamboti's

    I found a Barry a couple of weeks ago that is the perfect complement to my Gus. It took some doing to get the cue away from the previous owner, because he would've liked to have kept it. I'm glad we came to an agreement, because I think these two belong in the same case and I'm glad that case...