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    First Edition Lucasi Beauty - Excellent Condition!

    Hi rodger I have a unique cue and rare cue that don’t come up very often it’s a jump/break cue made from Jim Buss it’s a original one and breaks a ton I’ll trade for that lucasie
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    cue builder

    Howdy Azers hey does anybody know how to get in touch with a cue builder from the minnasota area named Paul Webster to get back intouch with me
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    cue maker Info

    Hi Azers If someone has any info that can put me in contact or a cell number of this cue maker named Jon Spitz would be very important to me.He has not responded to my text or facebook Brandy his wife responded just one time and that's it he suppose to be building my dream cue and was paid in...
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    F/S OR Trade

    Predator cue model SP4LWR Or trade for a new 12.9 radial REVO SHAFT TEXT ME AT 1-979-777-6178 AND ILL SEND PICTURES
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    Info number or contact number for Cue maker Jon Spitz

    Any body have Jon Spitz contact number? I know he lives in texas now but dont know where in texas or number
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    Info on guy Please

    Hi all you pool players out there I want to know any info on a guy think he is from Cali. Hes a black player named J.Jenkins?if any one knows how to get In contact with I would like to know info and I would love to talk to him either on cell or email my name is John.Thanks
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    tourney results of space city classic

    who has the results of space city classic ?
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    Player list

    Hi everyone Any players list for the Spacecity Classic this weekend down in Houston texas? where can i see the player list
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    pool player where abouts

    Hi Azers out there just wondering does anybody out there heard or seen pool player Tony Ferguson AKA Tony Fargo is he still playing or wheres he living now days was great player of banks
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    Lil AL Romero sneaky pete cue

    Hi AZ I have a Li Al Romero sneaky pete nice sneaky pete hits a ton.oh has little extension that fits on the back of cue PM if your interested i can send you pictures to your phone thanks
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    contact info

    Hi Azers just want a little info on a fellow Azer that post on here we were working on a project and he sent me a PM but when i went to answer back on a PM havent got back with me on several times trying so if anybody has any way of contacting him just let him know i sent him a PM or send me...
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    Hi Azers Does any one have contact number to Geovani Hosang? If so please pm me need to get intouch with him thanks
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    griffin billiards

    any body know who won the Griffin billiards tourney?the top ten
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    The Big One Tony vs Dennis

    Howdy out there AZers like to know if any body out there downloaded day 4 of the match or know of any body did
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    Lil AL Romero sneaky pete cue

    Hi I got this in a trade it weighs about 18 half onces asking 300 let me know pm and i send pictures if you are interested has small exstention for the butt obo.
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    Action Match

    Howdy out there pool players does any body have or now how to get the match of busty vs chohan one pocket match that was race to 21? down loaded or on flashdrive or on DVD already im willing to purchase it from you PM me if you do thanks
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    Cue maker

    Hi everyone does anybody on here know of the contact number or new addrress of william ricard (Toe Boy) please let me know hes no longer in houston i heard some where in Buffalo texas
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    Player info or contact

    Hi Fellow players looking for info or way to contact player name of Tony Fargo need to get in touch with him
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    Hi anybody know the results of the Don Samples tourney?
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    custom cue maker

    Anybody have contact number that is current for cue maker that once lived in the houston area now has shop in centervile tx area his name is toe boy william rickard?